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Artist inspired by Crime Scenes to make Beautiful Paintings

Artist inspired by Crime Scenes to make Beautiful Paintings

Richard Hambleton is a terrific artist. On this video he talks about how Crime Scenes were the source of his inspiration and how he evolved to paint his new series called Beautiful Paintings that have to do with lights, shadows and the use of different color tonalities.

When we talk about Richard Hambleton we immediately think about graffiti art although he prefers to call it Public Art.

Crime Scenes Paintings
Hanbleton inspired on crime scenes to make his paintings. He was known as the Shadowman on earlies 80’s and in both of his series “Shadowman Paintings” and “Crime Scenes Mass Murder” we can see the effect of shocking the person who sees them.

Beautiful Paintings
Richard Hambleton has evolved from painting graffiti, crime scenes and other dark great painting to the new series of his work named Beautiful Paintings.

Richard Hambleton Interview

On this video Artist Richard Hambleton talks about the transformation from painting crime scenes to his new “Beautiful Paintings” series.

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