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Affiliate Program - Terms of Service

• Cherada Network

Affiliate Program - How it Works

To participate in the Cherada Network Affiliate Program and earn commissions on the purchases of your affiliates registered as customers under your sponsorship, just register first as a user and verify your account through the link sent to your email.

We offer 10% lifetime commissions on every purchase your affiliates make at any time as customers of our website. This commission applies only and exclusively to the services listed publicly in our catalog in the sections of:

Writing and Translation
Spinning Articles
Creation of Backlinks
Other Services

Some of these services listed publicly, offer extra services that are described on the page of the service contracted, they also generate 10% commission.

This 10% commission does not apply to custom-quoted services, nor to any offer added during the purchase confirmation process, generally known as upsell and cross-sell. Nor does it apply to users who are part of our reseller program who receive deep discounts for wholesale purchases. Your purchases do not generate affiliate commissions.

In order to withdraw commissions, a minimum of $20 must first be accumulated at the end of the month between commissions that have passed the 180 days of compensation following the delivery of customer service. If you reach this minimum then you can proceed to the withdrawal of your commissions that will be paid the first week of each month to your Paypal account that you have registered in your Cherada Network user profile.

You can only withdraw your commissions through Paypal, any other alternative payment method keep in mind that you will have to accumulate at least $100 or more in commissions depending on the valuation made by our financial department for the alternative method, apart you will incur the expenses that are necessary to make the payment. To evaluate other options contact our support service.

We make every effort to satisfy our customers by offering quality services that exceed their expectations, resolving amicably any dispute or disagreement that may arise, also combat any fraudulent action by unscrupulous customers who are in violation of our terms of service. If for any reason discussed with the client it is appropriate to make a refund on the amount paid on any order, any corresponding commission that is pending or in compensation period will also be refunded, likewise if this commission has already been paid to you, you will be debited from your future commissions in compensation of the administrative expense incurred in providing the full refund.

To promote our services it is sufficient that you place a link with your affiliate code that leads to any page on our site whether it is the home page, some category of service or a specific service, all these links that result in the registration of a new user under your sponsorship and that lead to a sale will result in commissions for you for the lifetime that this user makes purchases either the same day he registers or days later, even years later, since our affiliate program rewards you for life for bringing new customers who buy any of our services, regardless of their price all will generate 10% commission, whether you buy a service of $5 or $900 service will earn $0.50 or $90 respectively for those purchases from your affiliate.