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Terms of Service

• Cherada Network

Your use of Cherada Network services constitutes your agreement to these terms.

Below you have the terms of service related to the use of the site. When you create an account or accept the terms of service when making a purchase or other action that requires it, you are agreeing to conduct yourself through these terms that we have here for your consultation. Otherwise, you can leave the site if you do not wish to respect and obey our terms for the use of the site.

The site is available to users of legal age, if you are a minor you should refrain from using the site. By using this site you admit that you are legally of legal age and meet all the requirements for admission as a user of the site, if you do not meet any of these requirements you will not be eligible for use of the site.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, you can ask our support service for help in clarifying any concerns you may have regarding your use of the site.

Cherada Network is a community of users who can perform functions of purchase and offer services through the use of the platform we have made available for this purpose.

We strive at all times to improve the user experience for both Buyers and Collaborators to ensure the satisfaction of the parties involved in the performance of assigned tasks and delivery of contracted tasks. For this reason, we reserve the right to terminate the account of those users who, as Buyers, unjustifiably disregard the work of our collaborators in spite of the modifications that may be made to the work delivered and, in the same way, with the Collaborators who do not show a spirit of cooperation when a Buyer logically and respectfully demands a satisfactory modification of the contracted work.

Only registered users may make inquiries, as well as purchase and sell services. Registering as a user is free and only requires checking the account by email to use the options offered by the site.

Users can buy one or more services to add to their shopping cart and each service can add multiple units.

Buyers can only cancel the service if they decide to replace it with another of equal value. Funds from these cancellations will be available on the Buyer's balance sheet. Repeated requests for cancellations or refunds of services contracted for irregular or improper use of the site or means of payment shall constitute sufficient reason to terminate the user's account.

Users who act as Collaborators, i.e. those who receive assignments, may not offer their services or accept payments by any method other than through the assignment system.

Cherada Network reserves the right to use any work done for promotional purposes, however, all Buyers are entitled to the work delivered.

We take Privacy seriously, which is why we have a page dedicated to the subject that you can consult at any time and that constitutes part of our Terms of Service.

The collaborators are the ones who offer any of the services that make up our catalogue.

The payment for each collaboration is variable and depends on each particular service.

To become a collaborator, the applicant must go through a process of internal evaluation of their ability to provide any of the services we have available, for which the collaborator must have an active and confirmed account with the payment provider to receive their commissions.

Commissions for completed assignments are accrued and payable in the first week of the month, once the funds have passed through the 15-day compensation period.

If for any reason a Buyer cancels his order, the funds from payment will be made available in the account balance to be used for new purchases, which includes the commission of the Collaborator.

Contributors may request payment of their commissions for assignments completed during the month through available payment options. Once the Collaborator confirms the request for payment of their commissions these cannot be refunded to their balance within the site after being paid through the available payment methods.

Managing Allocations

When a Buyer orders a service, the assigned Collaborator receives an email notifying him of the present opportunity to perform the task to confirm whether he agrees to perform it.

The period to confirm if he accepts to carry out an assignment is of 12 hours period after which he is re-assigned to another Collaborator.

If a Collaborator rejects an assignment, it is re-assigned to another Collaborator, we have an internal system of evaluation of rejected assignments that seriously affects the opportunity to receive new assignments in the future.

The Collaborators must comply with the delivery time that they have been instructed and that normally ranges from 24 to 72 hours in the most elementary assignments.

The Collaborator who does not comply with the delivery time will have his reputation affected internally in our administration, so he will be less and less likely to receive future assignments.

Communications Management

In order to protect the identity of our users we take extreme measures to ensure the privacy of those involved, for that reason, there can not be an exchange of contact information between Buyers and Collaborators, which covers but is not limited to: email addresses, Skype users and other IM, phone numbers and any other form of contact outside of Cherada Network.

All exchange of information and resolution of concerns is managed through the support system that acts as an intermediary between the parties in question, so all communication is reviewed before being transferred to the relevant party.

Users who disobey this requirement or we receive a report of such failures will be called to attention for violation of our Terms of Service by informing them of the risk of us terminating their accounts. These warnings do not preclude the use of the site, but that account will be under observation.

Offenses of any kind by users of both Collaborators and Buyers as to their relationship with the Site are strictly prohibited. Any offensive communication will result in the permanent cancellation of the user's account.

Delivery of Tasks and Reports

It is your responsibility to review any file you receive for any presence of viruses or malware before using it. Cherada Network is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the use of the site, content or transferred files.

Contributors must use the methods available to the site for the delivery of completed tasks on the assigned order page.

An order is considered completed three days after sending the report or file with the work performed, regardless of whether or not the Buyer qualifies the service received.

The Buyer may request a modification to his order if the materials delivered do not match the description of the service or the instructions sent to the buyer at the beginning of his order.

Buyers' comments and qualifications are important internally for Cherada Network and its Collaborators. They also constitute proof of the reliability of the services offered on the site and contribute to the continuous improvement of the work.


The services can only be contracted via Paypal, optionally after consultation you can evaluate other options such as (Payoneer, Western Union or MoneyGram) for certain special purchases.

Once the payment is confirmed a page will be created for your order listing all contracted services and contents in your shopping cart.

If you have funds in your account balance, you will have the option to use these funds in your next purchase and pay the rest through the payment options available.

As a Buyer we protect your identity, so at all times avoid contacting our Collaborators outside of Cherada Network as we are not responsible for any contractual relationship you make outside of our platform.

You cannot offer our Collaborators to pay or make payments using any method other than through the Cherada Network site.

If a Collaborator contacts you to use a different payment method, please inform the Collaborator through our Support system.

Also in case of any problem with your order you can use the internal communication system of each order, for general queries, use our support system.

Customized Projects

We privilege the realization of the services that are publicly listed in our catalog. We only offer the realization of customized projects if they are based on any of the services in the catalog from which to make special customizations as requested by the client, provided that they are clients who meet the following requirements:

- Be a frequent customer for one year
- Have at least 10 purchases in a year
- Have a purchase history of $500.00 or more
- Have a clean, uncontroversial purchase history

Customized projects will only be made for clients with whom there is already a trusting relationship as a result of the experience with multiple orders. Any other new client who wishes a custom made project and who does not meet the above mentioned requirements, the only alternative to proceed with their request will be to contract by means of cash transfer by the methods in effect at that time.

Other Provisions

Violation of the Terms of Service may result in permanent termination of your account.

Any user who violates our Terms of Service can contact our support service to know everything related to the violation and sanction on their account.

Contributors may withdraw their earnings from their cancelled accounts after a security period of 30 to 90 days depending on the reason and after the last cleared payment received into their account and subject to approval by Cherada Network.

Any dispute for a service must be handled through the internal communication system available on the order page or by contacting Cherada Network Support.

Disputes and Cancellations

We encourage our Buyers to resolve any dispute through mediation with the Cherada Network Support Service.

Cherada Network does not refund any payments for cancelled orders and funds from these cancellations are available in your account balance for future Cherada Network purchases.

Any refunds through the payment processor can only be made by contacting our Support Service. Any refund request initiated from the unresolved Payment Processor by contacting our Support service will cause your account to be monitored, as we limit all fraudulent and abusive behavior in this way as well as the number of times you can proceed in that way.

Again, any attempt to resolve any dispute through the Payment Processor, rather than contacting our Support Service, either by initiating a dispute or reversing a payment through the Payment Processor, may cause your account to be temporarily disabled while investigating any fraudulent or abusive activity involving a possible security breach.

Cancellation of an order, if justified, can only be done by our Support Service during the first 3 days after the order is completed. We cannot cancel orders after that period.

Whether an order is eligible for cancellation will be a matter to be evaluated by our Support Service based on a number of factors including but not limited to violations of our Terms of Service, inappropriate conduct or misuse of the site's communication tools.

Property and Limitations

Unless otherwise clearly stated in the service description, when a work is delivered, Buyer obtains all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright on the work delivered by the Contributor and the Contributor waives all moral rights in the work. If there is any doubt about the creative design work and other reports delivered, this material will be the exclusive property of the Buyer. Further, the Contributor agrees, unless stated in the service description that once the order is completed, the Buyer is assigned to the fullest extent possible under the law, all rights, title and interest, if any, for the work delivered and the Contributor waives any and all moral rights in connection therewith. Any transfer and assignment of intellectual property to Buyer shall be subject to full payment for the service.

Collaborators confirm that any information received from Buyer, which is not in the public domain, shall not be used for any purpose other than to deliver the work to Buyer.

In addition, both Buyers and Contributors agree unless otherwise indicated, that content they voluntarily upload or create for Cherada Network, included in the exhibition of the delivered work may be used by Cherada Network for promotional or other purposes.

It is necessary that you keep in mind that the content of Cherada Network is based on the work of its users, so it is not the competence of Cherada Network to review the material created in terms of violations of copyright, trademarks or other rights. We invite anyone to report violations along with documentary evidence of ownership. Reported infringing content may be removed or disabled. Furthermore, Cherada Network is not responsible for the content, quality or level of service provided by Contributors. We make no warranties with respect to the services, their delivery and any communication mediated between Buyers and Contributors.

Special Service Policies
Backlinks Service Policies

Service Policies for Email Campaigns

Backlinks Creation Service Policy

Cherada Network puts at your disposal the service of creation backlinks that until recently had been of private and exclusive use for the promotion and positioning of our websites, we have put it for you at an extremely accessible price, while we do of your knowledge, generally, the sites where we create our backlinks. Valuable knowledge that has required countless hours of research, classification, updating and constant compilation of new sites where to perform this so changing work, trying to be aware of new opportunities where to link in sites with high PR, do-follow, .EDU and other variables that are of interest to us.

Therefore, it is a valuable knowledge that you have at your disposal at an affordable price, for which you would have to pay much more and we can do it if we deem it convenient at our sole discretion. Remember, this is a service that we first used for our promotional efforts and now we share with you this possibility of positioning your site in the same way that we do. Given the very affordable price at which we offer our backlink packages, Cherada Network is only responsible, in most cases, for:

- Deliver a report with the links of the pages where the backlinks have been created for the client.

- Notify search engines via "ping" about the existence of those pages where backlinks are found

Our work is limited exclusively to the above two points. Therefore, you release Cherada Network from all liability and you assume responsibility for all those factors that are beyond our control, such as:

- That the owner of a page where the backlink has been created at his sole discretion has decided to remove the backlink.

- That the PR of a website where a backlink has been created has been downgraded

- That the do-follow backlinks on a website become non-follow by decision of the owner of that site

- That some of the sites included in the backlinks package only allow the link to be published without the possibility of linking it to an anchor text or keyword.

- That in the automated tasks of publication of backlinks, there will be some sites where the keywords with tilde or ñ are not published correctly. We advise you to abstain from sending us keywords with tilde and ñ, as well as the case of some URLs, and if you do anyway, then you are warned about this situation.

- That search engines crawl, index and take into account the backlinks created to improve the positioning of your website.

You assume full responsibility for the success of your backlink campaign in the face of any factors - such as those mentioned above, but not limited to those alone - that are beyond our control, so any claim in this regard will make it clear that you did not read our backlink service creation policies to understand the scope and limitations of the service offered and it will be your responsibility to indemnify Cherada Network for any claim arising out of these situations beyond our control.

Faced with these kinds of inconveniences that may arise in providing this service, please read these policies carefully to avoid misunderstandings when demanding things out of our reach. Our service only consists - in most cases - of the above and that we detail again here:

- Provide a report with the links to the pages where the backlinks have been created for the client.

- Notify search engines via "ping" about the existence of those pages where backlinks are found

* Additional clarifications about the backlinks creation service:

- When we say that we will create links in sites with high PR (pagerank) we mean that links will be published in pages inside a site whose main page is the one that enjoys high PR or high reputation, authority, credibility and not that the backlink will be published in the main page of the site or in any page of the site that has high PR. For such links, you can contact us or check the availability of service in our catalog.

- In the event that we offer subscription packages for the publication of links, for example but not limited to, links on home pages or internal pages with pagerank: 1) In order to protect the privacy and integrity of our contacts, we do not offer link reporting, although you can easily detect them with online tools to find the recent backlinks of your website. 2) Links will be purchased for terms of 3, 6 or 12 months and, although you may cancel the link by requesting its removal, we do not offer a pro-rata refund for links cancelled before the expiration of the contracted term. You can contact us, if the case arises, to evaluate other options to compensate with other services.

- When we say that a backlinks package will be created on do-follow sites, we mean that most of the sites where backlinks will be published have this feature of allowing do-follow links, when our backlinks service packages do not specify this detail, it indicates that backlinks will be created on a combination of do-follow and non-follow sites in a variable proportion.

- The backlinks publishing service does not include the extra work of removing them if you later regret it, therefore, we advise you to be sure of the services to hire that point directly to your website, especially if you hire the massive creation of backlinks, or else, you take charge yourself of carrying out your own research of which sites are useful to carry out your backlinks publishing strategies so that you yourself are responsible for creating the backlinks you need, instead of delegating those tasks to others. The reason why we do not offer within any package the option to remove backlinks, is that apart from the time it takes to remove them, which is similar or greater than the time it took to perform the task of publication in the first place, many times the task involved the automated use of multiple accounts and passwords randomly selected or publication on sites where we have no ability to remove backlinks, since we are not the owners, much less webmasters of those pages, to have administrative powers to remove links, as is evident in the case of blog comments. Therefore, our recommendation is that you do these tasks yourself, or meditate before delegating others and attributing responsibility for your own decisions to them.

* Sites NOT Accepted for the creation of backlinks

Any site that belongs to any of the categories listed below must contact us before contracting any of our services, to analyze your case, the options available for the creation of backlinks, delivery times and applicable rates.

- Casinos/Betting
- Esoteric/Tarot
- Adult Sites/Pornography/Escorts

Service Policies for Email Campaigns
No filtering system is 100% perfect, so a person can use 2 different email addresses and we have no way of knowing, so there may be duplicates. However, we rigorously filter addresses to ensure the highest degree of unique contacts.

The date your email campaign is sent will be programmed according to the queue of orders in process and on hold. It cannot be scheduled the same day of the order, or the next day or during the weekend or holidays. Most emails are sent on business days, about 3 to 5 business days after the order is received.

If you have not provided the email you wish to send, your mailing date will be rescheduled at our sole discretion.

We are not responsible, in any way, for any errors in the content or links that are sent by the customer.

In extreme cases we reserve the right to postpone the delivery date from 5 to 7 business days at no additional charge.

Any website that is offline, suspended or interrupted must understand that we cannot stop the traffic delivered from the email previously sent. Traffic delivered during this period will not be refunded.

It is possible that all email campaigns receive visits from outside your geographical location parameters. Unlike direct traffic, which is best filtered by the country's ip.


Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, protect and hold Cherada Network harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including charges for legal services imposed against Cherada Network, its agents, its customers and employees, which may arise or result from any service provided or performed or agreed to be performed or any product sold by Customer, its agents, employees or designees. Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Cherada Network against any liability arising from: 1) any damage to a person or property caused by any product sold or otherwise distributed in connection with Cherada Network; 2) any material supplied by Customer infringing or allegedly infringing the property rights of a third party; 3) copyright infringement and 4) any defective product/service sold by customers through Cherada Network servers.


By using any Cherada Network service, you agree to be bound by binding arbitration. If any dispute or claim arises against Cherada Network or its subsidiaries, such disputes shall be handled by an arbitrator chosen by Cherada Network. Arbitrators must be retired attorneys or judges and will be chosen in accordance with applicable regulations. All decisions of the arbitrator shall be binding and final. You are also responsible for any and all costs related to such arbitration.

Limitation of Liability

Cherada Network is not responsible for any damage your business may suffer. Cherada Network makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for the services we provide. Cherada Network disclaims any warranty or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data as a result of delays, delivery failures, misdelivery and any and all service interruptions caused by Cherada Network and its employees.

Disclosure to Legal Authorities

Cherada Network may disclose any customer information to government agencies without any consent or notice from the customer to legal requests made by such agencies. We will cooperate fully with legally established government agencies.

Changes to Terms of Service

Cherada Network reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.

You understand and agree that if you use Cherada Network after the date on which the Terms of Service were modified, Cherada Network will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.