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Relax and Let Us Do the Backlink Generation Job for your Posts or Websites. Getting Quality Backlinks is MUCH BETTER than creating low quality backlinks.

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Buying Quality Backlinks is Easy and Accessible

Buying manually created Backlinks is MUCH BETTER than creating backlinks with software programs.>
  • We are dedicated to SEO, to getting backlinks for you and to creating backlinks manually that are unique.
  • When you buy links of different types: Comments on blogs, Backlinks profiles, Backlinks .edu, Backlinks .gov and many more; you have more than enough to position your site in the top 10 search engine results, depending on the degree of competition that your keywords have.
  • We know the importance of getting backlinks for your SEO positioning strategy, hence getting links for you becomes our number one priority when creating quality backlinks, when creating links on sites that have among other features that are dofollow and high Page Rank, therefore rely on us to create backlinks for your website.
  • The generation of backlinks we make for you is quickly indexed in search engines, nowhere else will you find such a powerful indexing service as efficient
At Cherada Network we create several kinds of backlinks and we are constantly adding more SEO strategies to choose and diversify your link profile in the most natural way. Some types of links such as forums, social bookmarks or wiki will be made by creating new pages. That means that they won't be indexed pages because they were recently created to place your backlink and they won't have PR either. Other strategies, such as backlinks in blog comments will be made on pages that already exist, are indexed and have PR, as well as other metrics such as backlinks with DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), CF (citation flow), TF (trust flow).

A very useful web positioning strategy is to create backlinks in layers (link pyramids), so you can point the most authoritative and quality links to your website - with any strategy ranging from 5 to 50 or 100 backlinks - and then reinforce these backlinks with layers of links using massive link strategies such as comments, social bookmarks, forums, wikis. This multi-layer link strategy is known as a link pyramid and you can create as many layers as you want, where always the lower layers will have more links than the upper ones.

What type of links is best for your site?

That depends, because every link profile on a particular site is different, so there is no one formula that applies equally to all cases. The best answer is to diversify strategies - different types of links - as well as diversify your anchor texts. Another important question, if you have been doing this alone, is that you have to make Google index your backlinks, especially if they are new pages that have been created for example: forum profiles, statistics sites, wikis, social bookmarks, etc.. Our service includes link indexing for the purpose of forcing Google to crawl your links in order to impact positions on search results pages.

Do you really want to avoid nofollow backlinks?

Both nofollow and dofollow backlinks impact your web positioning, improve the metrics and authority of your site. As you build links some will be dofollow (forums, web 2.0, etc), while others will be nofollow (wikis, blog comments, etc). It's nothing to worry about since we're not giving more than one type. We have a wide range of strategies to diversify, from the most basic to the most advanced and PREMIUM too.

Google itself says that backlinks nofollow do not pass juice or "link juice", but omits to say that it uses backlinks nofollow for other positioning factors and here we will tell you. It is well known that the diversity of IP addresses, Reference Domains and TrustRank play a role in positioning, so nofollow links work perfect for that. In other words, you can improve your rankings with just nofollow links, so it shouldn't be a concern.

There has been for a long time debate about it, it is a concern especially when posting backlinks as blog comments, but even Matt Cutts of Google, in a interview stated that the number of links on a page has a trivial impact on the value it transfers. Google has made so many changes to today, that what was said before about this aspect to get scary has little validity in these days.

Should you take any precautions when building links?

As we said before, nowadays it is estimated to build links in pyramid format, with a few quality links ? from 5 to 100 ? pointing to your website and from there, create layers that point to the immediate top layer. That is why it is not recommended to create 1,000 daily links to a new website, nor do we recommend using the same keyword for a recruitment of 1,000 links. Diversify your keywords and URLs, adjust it to the size of your website. Try the limits you feel comfortable with.

Can backlinks help you position your website?

Of course yes and apart from that you must diversify your SEO work by optimizing your website internally, creating quality content from 1,000 to 2,000 words, add social signals to your homepage and internal (likes, retweets, repins, votes, shares ...).), send organic traffic from Google and other search engines to your website, re-publish your content preparing it for other media (YouTube, Scribd), good and other gems that we can tell you and for which we offer solutions here that you can hire, although the purpose is to talk about backlinks here and, about that, our recommendation is that you diversify with all strategies to have a more complete and varied link profile, as well as to protect against changes in the Google algorithm.

Outsource the creation of your backlinks, save time and focus better on your core business with a quality service like ours that you can even resell and generate extra revenue.

We have a fresh and updated list of sources where you can create quality backlinks, we work 365 days a year, so we are your strategic ally when it comes to hiring quality backlinks.

You're in Good Hands!

We offer a wide variety of strategies and special packages. Delega better this time consuming activity, we have been helping several website owners, SEO agencies, hosting companies and more, since 2010 and we continue to help many more customers.

We have many loyal customers who have been with us since our early years.

So, if you want to buy backlinks we are here to serve you. Stay with us to win the web positioning game !

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