10 Best Photoshop CS4 Tips and Tricks

I've been posting a number of Photoshop tutorial these days. Today, I will talk specifically about
Adobe Photoshop CS4, the lattest version, and all the tips and tricks that will make our project unique

Photoshop CS4 Tricks

Photoshop CS4 New and Improved Features

Bird View

Say good bye to the Navigation Panel!
Photoshop CS4 with the power of the GPU graphic card allows quick close ups
. You can go from big to small view on high resolution images quickly just by pressing the H key.

Jump from one tool to another

This is something that has existed in all the versions but that is faster on CS4. For example you can use the space bar or the R Key to get the rotate view. It's easier to try it out than to explain :p

Photoshop Workspace

A great deal about Photoshop CS4 is that you can have your workspace free of windows and panels
and center your atention on the image you are working.

CS4 Improvements

  • Cut adjustment layers automatically

  • Non destructive Perspective Transforms

  • Convert one layer to a 3D Postal Card

  • Find paintable Areas in 3D

  • Turn on and off: Layers that hide automatically in 3D

  • Save Pre Configuration values such as levels, exposure, hue/saturation and selective color.

  • Easier to use curve adjustments

  • Improvements on the Auto-blend function.