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Intertwined Ambiguity

Intertwined Ambiguity

After observing and perceiving ourselves, we discover how opposite energies flow. Coming and going emotions, from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Intertwined situations that we are bound to live.

Feeling hate we carve love

Living uneasiness we glimpse hope

Surviving emptiness we build sense

Bearing impotence we pursue self-control

Experiencing cowardice we awake corage

Harvesting ignorance we sow knoledge

Embodying sadness we steer hapiness

Understanding arrogance we unfold humility

Crossing caos we develop harmony

Overcoming slavery we encourage freedom

Admiting mistakes we yearn wisdom

Watching darkness we gain brightness

Recognising conflict we reach peace

Perceiving dependence we search autonomy

Fulfilling greed we graze generosity

Breathing acrimony we aspire freshness

Embracing envy we spread admiration

Suffering difficulties we find pacience

Comprehending cruelty we unveil compassion

Discovering decadence we seek renovation

Developing introversion we achieve extroversion

Declaring lies we attain truth

Conceiving revenge we recover forgiveness

Enduring illness we breed healing

Displaying ephemeral we treasure immanent

Facing eternity we realise immediacy

Decoding hideous we appretiate beauty

Tempering insecurity we establish trust

Fearing madness we compose sanity

Palpating profane we intuit sacred


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