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Identity and Community

Building an identity can be considered as the assemblage of an entire community, which has taken up fragmentary residence inside us, composed of bits and pieces of other personalities by means of identification and idealization.

As multiple colors to the eyes in the wide spectrum of light
As multiple chords to the ears in the wide spectrum of sound
As multiple tastes to the papillas in the wide spectrum of flavour
As multiple textures to the touch in the wide spectrum of feel
As multiple smells to the nose in the wide spectrum of sense
As multiple feelings to the soul in the wide spectrum of sensation
As multiple stimuli to the mind in the wide spectrum of perception

The whole universe building a singular reality within a particular being.
Every being sharing a common environment and at the same time
affecting it with its existance. And among everyone, a more complex and
greater reality is created.
The whole universe is evolving by means of individual and community
awareness, it is an inside-out as well as an outside-in evolution. The
creativity has its origin in a source that is continually changing and where
anyone can find a difference of potencial that generates the conditions to
bring the change into existance; perception and expression of such event
is needed to give it a real shape.

Identity is built in community, beings can feel identified by other beings
or by objects. By the mechanism of idealization any being pays
attention to a particular property or ability that another being explicitly
states and the former implicitly holds but it still doesn´t know how to
express. In a way, the process of idealization has a lot to do with
feeling identified and it leads to the progressive formation of the identity.

Sometimes, living creatures feel identified with non-living things. For
example, a huge stone calls the attention of the living being, at first
the former feels its little size and softer composition in comparison to the stone,
so it becomes a symbol of something beyond itself. The symbol of the strength
and imutability, every being wants to be stronger and eternal as a way to
defend itself from the environment and the pass of time. Maybe that is the
reason why certain beings like their figure to be carved in stone.


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