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Fire Below

This completely fictitious short story has been written and thought with the deepest respect and in memorial of those innocents who perished because human beings still defend fanatically irrational points of view as well as too ambicious economical interests.

Today is one of those days I am a bit doubtful about having lunch before completing the whole morning work or later. Why on earth do I always have this contradictory state of mind? On the one hand I want to finish checking this list of bank account numbers but on the other I want to have my lunch right away. Why is it so difficult to make up my mind? Apart from that, I feel a strange premonition each time this hesitation invades me, as if my decision would change the rest of my life. Who cares? I’ll stay working for the moment.
Everything is so monotonous here, I think one of these days I will quit this boring and dreary job. It is really a pity to be locked up in this office on such a beautiful day. There is only one thing about this place that fascinates me, such startling view. Few people in the world can enjoy this impressive landscape while working. I still remember very clearly the day I was accepted to work as an accountant in this huge skycraper. The moment my boss told me I was assigned to the office number 5000 on the hundredth floor I couldn’t believe my ears.
Since then one of my favourite activities during leisure time has been to stare out these vast windowpanes those iridescent wisps of cirrus clouds. Oh!! How breathtaking those clouds over the sea are now, they seem puffs of cotton wool floating in the sky. But… What’s that?!! That plane is coming just towards here!! It seems it has no intention of avoiding the building! Ahhh!!! SSSSSSSSShit!! It has crashed into the building some floors below. What are we going to do now? I’m feeling really dizzy and confused, everything has become blurred to me. People coming from some floors down assure there is no way out. Why the hell haven´t I paid more attention to my premonition? By this moment, I would be downstairs running away from this insane situation. Wh…wha… what can I d d d o n n now? It´s too late. I´ll call Erik to tell him what´s happening he must be worried by now. No, no, no, how am I going to do that? I´m losing my sense, I can´t undestand even my own thoughts. What the hell has happened? Here the people are getting crazy, some are commiting suicide. They are desperate, indeed!! And this place is awkwardly moving from side to side. Is it going to fall down? Oh God, release me from such dreadful time of anguish…I just can´t stand this any more, I´ll jump too, sorry kids, sorry Erik, I love you all!!

This piece of paper was found in the debris of the Twin Towers and it stands as an unforgettable testimony of one of the victims of the aberrant terrorist attack that took place in New York, in 2001.


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