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Pursuing Freedom

Pursuing Freedom

After seeing the film Brave Heart I felt the need to imagine and write how this man could bear so much pain. Then, I pictured some possible scenery for what it took place in those days of powerful kings and anonymous peasants.

He looked around more carefully. The room, as he had suspected when observing it from above, was almost certainly underground – more of a dungeon than a room, he thought. As he was fixed to the wall, he could just perform a limited number of movements. It was midnight and some moonbeams let him see the rest of the room. After some minutes of careful inspection, he realised with terror that it was a torture room. To make matters worse, he couldn´t remember what had happened, why he was locked up in such a dark and damp dungeon. But it was useless, nothing came to his mind.

A couple of hours later, he heard noises upstairs; it was undoubtedly a party since deafening laughter and all kind of breakage were heard. When everything became calm, he fell deeply asleep.

Afterwards, a sudden roar woke him up. It was the door of the room that was being opened. He felt numb due to the long time he had been held incommunicado and starving. Nevertheless, he could recognise who was coming in to give him some soup and treat his sore wounds. There were no doubts, it was his mother. She made him remember his identity, he was William, born in Scotland and she also explained to him they both had been caught in the battlefield and were made prisoners. At that moment, they were trapped in a huge castle which seemed to be under the control of a powerful king known as Edward. And at that very instant he was deciding their destiny. The last words he heard her say before fainting were "you shouldn´t have organised that army to free our people from this tyrannical king".

Though he was still very weak, he regained consciousness. Now he knew his army had been defeated and his people would be completely subdued by Edward. He was overwhelmed by grief. And the knowledge that nothing could be done together with the terrible feeling of impotence made him feel a frantic rage.

The following day king Edward decreed that William should be executed at dusk. He would be carried to the principal square and, there, in front of the whole town and the rest of the prisoners, the rebel would have to die for having disobeyed Edward´s unfair rules.


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