How Important is to Hire an Online Community Manager

Wikipedia is a huge community with more than 10 million edits per month, and seven thousand articles written every single day. Its online community managers oversee all the activity that happens inside Wikipedia, and this is one of the reasons why this wiki enciclopedia is so successful.

Online community managers are essential pieces of the business puzzle because firms need to know what is being said about them, along with deep information about their competitors, customers and suppliers.

Online Community Manager’s Tasks and Importance

The purpose of online community managers is getting a deep understanding about all the corners of the market. Sheer volumes of information are generated each day about many firms, and they need to break down all this data so that they can use it in a variety of activities. CEOs have a lot of tasks to do every single day, and they need help with all this online data. This is the reason why they hire online community managers, so that they can focus their attention on what matter most to them.

However, the very nature of the tasks performed by online community managers makes it hard to define their scope of activity. Will be the community manager hired to perform market research? Will he/she be doing competition assessment tasks? Will the community manager have to write a lot of surveys each week? What about the form of the reports? Are the CEO, board of directors, managers, and the firm as a whole aware of his/her tasks? The community manager will perform a wide array of tasks, and each one of them will help the company understand its market a little bit better.

The online community manager will take care of the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts of the firms along with its forums, blogs and other virtual properties. He/She will understand what the potential customers of the firm need, and how they want it. The online community manager will keep an eye on every forum, blog or social website that talks about the firm, its products, services or competitors.

I know that this task is huge but Google Trends is here to the rescue. You just need to write down what you need in Google Trends, and the type of website you need information from. Google Trends is the way to go when it comes to get online data. Online community managers should use this tool to get a competitive advantage that will help them a lot with their everyday tasks. A social media manager will track every product or service that the firm offers online. So that he/she can get a clear understanding of the progress of his/her tasks to help the firm. I cannot stress enough the importance of proper tracking and alerts in the tasks of an online community manager.

An online community manager is an important employee who will keep the firm informed about the latest market trends, what potential customers are saying about the product or service, and so on. An online community manager is the right employee to let the firm know critical data about market trends, which are vital for the survival of the company.

Of course, there is always a shortcut to all this time consumig tasks with


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