How To Do Blinds Step by Step Guide

Install blinds in your house is an excellent manner to add nice edges. The most stores to houses improvements sell made blinds in different colors and sizes. However but you can add personality making your own blinds.

Paint roller

1. Calculate how many windows are you going to put blinds and measure the height of each one. Be sure of also have each side of the window.

2. The design you use may be different, but here we are using two wood 1 "for 8" (2.54 cm x20.32 cm) set by two wood 1 "for 3" (2.54 cm x 7.62 cm) for each shutter. This means that each window will have four of 1 "for 8" (2.54 cm x 20.32 cm) accompanying each one and four 1 "for 3" (2.54 cm x 7.62 cm) per window. You can also use other designs with the same basic idea.

3. Calculate how many feet of lumber you need and buy enough wood that are straight and without knots to build the blinds with your favorite color and install them. When you paint try to don’t gush the wood.


Author: Cherada Network

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