Spanish by the Seaside: Costa Rica Nicaragua

Spanish schools in Costa Rica and Nicaragua are an excellent option, you can get the same quality than if you are studying Spanish in Spanish schools in Spain, Argentina or Mexico. CRSL and NSLS are two companies of Spanish schools owned by an american living in Central America.

Spanish by the Seaside Nicaragua and Costa Rica have several things in common: a rich coastline and a legacy of Spanish colonial rule that has permeated the fabric of their lives with the language and culture. People in the States wishing to acquire Spanish language skills and also have a very enjoyable time by the sea will find Costa Rica and Nicaragua quite convenient.
NSLS & CRSLS selects partner language schools in Costa Rica and Nicaragua after a thorough scrutiny about their classrooms, computer labs, library and other facilities for students as also the quality of their teachers. If you choose to attend Spanish Course Nicaragua, you are assured of the same high level of teaching that you would get in any of the schools in Spain, Argentina or Mexico.

Spanish Schools Costa Rica

Costs Rica is a haven for those who love the sea, surfboarding and scuba diving. CRSLS partner schools in San Jose, Heredia, Playa Jaco, Monteverde, Puerto Limon, Quepos, Turrialba and Playa Tamarindo are located in nice, peaceful environs. However, they have modern, air-conditioned classrooms, computer labs with internet connectivity, cafeteria, library and other facilities for students from across the world. Students can choose a standard or an intensive course according to their preference and needs. Courses range from 1 to 48 weeks and run for 3 to 4 hours each day in the morning or in the afternoon with the intensive course running for 6 hours a day. Only 5 students are handled by a professional, experienced teacher in the Spanish Schools Costa Rica to make sure each student receives personal attention and motivation. The partner school offers accommodation with a host family or shared accommodation within their premises. Leisure activities organized by Spanish schools Costa Rica include a trip to the forest, dance classes, cooking classes, cultural trips, sports activities and a visit to the volcanoes. In such relaxed atmospheres students cannot but help feel enthused and motivated to learn the language with dedication.

Spanish Course Nicaragua

Granda has a mystique of its own and studying at a partner school in Spanish course Nicaragua at the same time, there is no better destination. Located in Granada, the oldest city of Nicaragua, the NSLS partner school is ideal for those wishing to pursue Spanish language studies. The school offers standard and intensive course leading to exams and certification in your level of competence in the language. Accommodation is available at their homestay services, located close to the school. Students can explore the museums and places of historical interests during the day and the innumerable bars and nightclubs in the evening hours.
As in any other partner school,

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