Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine and Training for Thor

If you’ve seen the latest hollywood incarnation of the comic hero Thor, then you certainly have noticed the strapping lead actor, Chris Hemsworth. In Thor, Hemsworth is ripped, thick and full of muscle. Surprisingly, Hemsworth confessed that he had never stepped foot into a gym until he was granted the lead in Thor..

Adding over 20 pounds of solid muscle was a chore, as compared to his previous roles’ preparations. However, since "Thor’s" initial information was released, the Chris Hemsworth workout routine has set the world abuzz. Over the past several months, search terms such as Chris Hemsworth height and weight and Chris Hemsworth training have dominated health and fitness search results. Why is there so much interest in this actor’s workout programs? Quite simply, because it works!

Essentially, since he needed to put on some dense weight and muscle mass, the Chris Hemsworth workout routine involved regular food intake of different protein sources, fruits and vegetables. He ate constantly, and consistently, to gain the muscle weight. Continuous eating even when you are not hungry can be exhausting, but it’s what he had to do put on muscle for the role.

To build muscle, basic, compound movements like squats, presses and deadlifts must be utilized. Hemsworth, no doubt, used heavy weight and low reps to force his muscles into new growth. Compound mexercises force the body to recruit multiple muscular systems, allowing for greater load capacity and muscular growth. Add the fact that by eating an excessive amount of nutritious, low-fat calories, the end result is a fitter, more muscular body that will drive women wild!

Weight and muscle mass is developed through consistency. You may not be similar to Chris Hemsworth height and weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a great-looking body that will attract women and build your confidence.

When Chris Hemsworth began his workout plan, he knew that, only by dedicated training and eating habits, would significant changes in his physique improve. You, too, can enjoy all the benefits of using the Chris Hemsworth training program for its benefits in health, fitness, confidence and sex appeal.

So if you want a body like him, this is the program so you can achieve the same results without training as bodybuilders do.

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Author: Cherada Network

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