Repairing a cell that has fallen into the water

Usually the repair of a cell phone is a simple task but requires a specialized instrument as accessories, the main issue here is which are appropriate for each phone model, the experts ensure that we always have a special kit to treat each case.

We toured several repair shops dedicated to mobile phones and all have agreed when asked "What is the case most often repeated repair?", 75% of respondents said that their clients often have domestic accidents where cell contact with water.

Repairs on phones that have fallen into the water are very expensive but not mandatory, if we fast at the time of the incident we can recover the computer.
Once the cell has touched the water, remove the battery cover to avoid prolonged contact between the electricity and water should cut energy then proceed to dry the equipment by removing as much water as soon as possible using an absorbent cloth or towel.

The third step is to use alcohol and substance that attracts water and then dissolved, we should not worry about the alcohol as this will evaporate and will not damage the parts of the phone.
We’ll let the computer dry exposed to the environment without re-locate the battery in order to accelerate the effect we can place the phone in a bowl of rice to absorb more moisture.

Finally, once we notice that the task is almost complete apply a heat source that causes water to evaporate without harm circuitry, test the phone when it has gone through the entire repair process, if the problem is not fixed, we should go to a technician.


Author: Cherada Network

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