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The iPhone, Apple Inc. company, is a multimedia smartphone with an Internet connection, capacitive touch screen (with multi-touch support) and a minimal hardware interface, Apple announced the iPhone in 2007, after several rumors and speculations that circulated for months.


The completion of the telephone is simply perfect. The combination of chromium plating and black you give to much sobriety and gentleness him, which is really important if we consider the great dimensions of the equipment (11,5 x 6 x 1 cm). These dimensions nevertheless do not make difficult absolutely the use of the terminal, which adapts perfectly to wears of the hand and is extremely comfortable to work with one or two fingers of the other hand.

Externally we will not see much since the 3 bellboys (On, off and to block/to raise volume and to lower to volume/beginning) but switch (way silence), is located of way very disguised, is in the lateral ones, above or in the frontal.

I must mention that, although I mentioned the dimensions of the telephone by its importance, this does not inconvenience taking it in the pockets of the trousers either, for those who like I, prefer not to use covers and cases.


Black screen, only a silver-plated little apple announcing the avalanche of wonders of this product. From the first moment, it astonishes to you. 20 icons appear fleetingly of the anything and your instructions settle in your screen, waiting patiently.

SMS, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Maps, Time, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Adjustments, are the basic applications to mention, to which we must add the four component ones nails, that is Telephone, Mail, Safari, iPod, which are located in a bar inferior (Dock) separated of the rest.

By all means, we can change its location to pleasure. We must understand that the 16 separated icons of the Dock conform what can be long the very many list but, since thanks to the possibility of installing programs, these are added at the end of the list doing it interminable.

In order to go surfing by these applications, which we do is to slide our finger by the screen of right to left, until finding it. Fantastic.

Realising called

Recent calls, contacts, the DAP to mark and the mail of voice, everything grouped under the option Telephone. The amount of steps to realise to make a call is the same that on any telephone, basically.

Sending SMS

This point of is consulted by people. you don´t have a keyboard there, as you write? Clear that if! We only touched in the icon again message, and an enormous complete qwerty keyboard will appear for our delight.

Sailing by the Web

I recognize that Safari navigator simply does not like me for a PC with Windows, but for iphone is perfect. Rapidísimo, manifolds windows, zoom lens using two fingers or double touch, and integration of google. Sincerely, I sail almost as comfortable as in the PC


The camera lets enough wish, perhaps the skinniest point of iPhone. The photos are wonderful views on the same telephone, but happened to the PC, they really have very bad quality.

What yes he is remarkable is exactly to see them in iphone. He is certainly as showy as the presentations in flash that we see in sites like flickr, with the advantage of being able to slide the finger by the screen to happen from one to another one, as a strip of images. We can in particular apply zoom lens on a point touching twice, or use two fingers to enlarge or drain the image generally. Very very very good.

Installation of applications

The released models as mine (I do not know the commercialized ones by companies) they have a settled application call Installer, which group different communities from developer worldwide.
From there, we have access to install thousands of applications, the majority excellent, as much for update of the system, like games, subjects to modify the appearance, and many things more.

Music and video

Good, after all he is iPod no? According to the people of Apple, he is best iPod than they have developed. I have not prove others, but without doubts, this one is excellent. Although iPods with screen is similar to the others, the virtue of ours returns to stand out iPhone, shared with its smaller brother iPod touch, to handle it with a finger.

As far as quality of video reproduction, I have proven very many MP4 and they are fantastic, by all means we must be cautious in loading videos to him that already own good quality, because to give an example, the videos `estándar’ of YouTube are not rightest.

By the side of the audio one, the quality continues being phenomenal, with the option to use pre set equalization, although lamentably we cannot accede to them from iPod, but from the menu adjustments of the main screen.

Electronic mail

We were of factory with several presets (AOL, yahoo, google?) which makes very simple, to only follow brief steps, and we will be unloading our mail in any zone connection WiFi or EGDE.


it is a spectacular, very elegant telephone, excellent quality. Perhaps the only bad thing is the camera. I recommend that if you you can buy, you must do it.


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