Tricks for Msn Messenger

A lot of tricks for Msn or Windows Live Messenger. If you want more just ask for it. All of them were tested by me. They were tested in Windows Live Messenger, I am not sure they will work in a previous version.

These are some tricks for Windows Live Msn:

Avoid conversations with people who do not have in the list

Open the Tools menu of MSN, click Options, a window opens, click Privacy, and now in the list of people who can see our state of connection, select "Other users" and click on Block.

Send a message to someone you have omitted

First, it must be put to the person who omits No Admission. Now, you have to do is get like Nick the message we want to send. Finally, we turn it to admit. Of course we can not talk to him, but I will when a window with our Nick (who really is the message we want to tell you) saying that just log on. Because first we have omitted? because then the message just leave it on, and not the entire list of contacts, received back, only that the window will go on.

Change line in the chat window

If you realize that every time you want to write on a new line press enter and we have, but in the MSN in doing so inadvertently sends the message in order to change the line we should only have pressed Shift and Enter keys.

Chatting with someone without having to add it to your list

You put the mail from a person with MSN and you can chat with her without having to add to the list. It is perfect to avoid being added to us or to prevent the other person will leave the text messages that someone has added to the MSN, ideal for jokes …


Change the phrase "Do not give out password …." to start a conversation

To change this sentence should go to START-RUN REGEDIT then pressed ENTER tipeamos will open a new window and follow these settings: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft MessengerService Policies

Then on the string "IMWarning" click right and we do amend, we will see the famous phrase and any other writing on this is already done!, You’ll see how easy it is.


Change background image

This image is in the folder where we installed the messenger, usually the inside: C: / Program Files / Messenger inside this folder there is a picture called lvback.gif, which is the one containing the image is found background, usually 160×140 pixels but do not trust this information … try it, Open it in paint or any similar and look, then just simply create an image of equal size and replace it with the same name, before making a backup ( guard) of the image.


Change sounds in Msn

Well, if we change the default sounds that brings only the messenger just go to My Computer-> Control Panel-> Sounds, there we will see a list of events, we must find a call: MSN MESSENGER and there make the changes we necessary.


Remove Windows Messenger in XP

Sometimes we find it annoying windows xp messenger who comes in or want to install another version, well what we should do is this: Click the Start button and select Run.
Type in RunDll32 advpack.dll, LaunchINFSection% windir% INF msmsgs.inf, BLC.Remove in the dialog box and click on OK. A progress bar will appear where you can continue the uninstall process. You may be asked to reboot the computer. If so, you reboot.

Find the IP of the person you’re talking

It’s simple, just send a file to this person (or you may send it to you) you can send anything, put some good ­čśë good excuse the matter is that when you are transferring the file, go to MS -DOS and type: c: netstat-a you will get a series of ip’s and servers, but it will not be difficult to recognize the Ip of your friend. To recognize more easily, try not to open web pages, since this way you will more Ip’s and it will be harder to find.
If you type: c: netstat-a> you create a file.txt file.txt the content of netstat, so you can analyze it easily.

Save contact list

There is an option in MSN that few people have seen and is quite useful when we want a new account and add all the contacts we had in the otra.Para it, just go to:>> File>> Save Contact List will be saved to a file with all your contacts and their addresses, to retrieve that list of contacts to another account you have, just go to:>> File>> Import contacts from a file and here, select the file saved before!

No data window (or mail, or nick …)

With this trick you can do that by opening a chat window for someone that does not know with whom he speaks as they do not appear above the mail or the nickname, hehe. This is done as follows:
In the menu to change the nick, you write the following, hold down the ALT key and then press the numeric keypad 0160 (ALT +0160) will create an "empty" blank, now select the "empty" with the mouse, and make copies, then paste it many times in the nick until you get tired hehe (you can do Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V to paste).

That is all!! Good luck!


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