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If you need an audio recorder that not only allow you to record and edit your voice well but also for free, then you’ll enjoy this free audio software. These are two great options to achieve this goal. I’m talking about Audacity and Free Audio Editor.

Alright guys, so if you are one of those dudes that are wondering how can they record their voice for free, this is the right Post.

There are several Audio Recording Softwares available on the market. Some of them are free but with the 30 day trial catch. For that reason I will just talk about two great deals:


Audacity is a Free Audio/Voice Recorder and Editor. You can record your voice whether you are using Windows OS, Mac OS or Linux.

Some of Audacity Audio Recorder features:

<*>Record Live Voice and Audio, great for Podcasts
<*>Burn Recordings in CDs
<*>Edit sound files such as OGG Vorbis, MP3, WAV and AIFFF
<*>Cut, copy and mix sounds.
<*>Change audio recording speed


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