The 10 Most Common Laptop Bugs and Fixes

Laptops despite of their brand and model share the same problems, bugs, issues or things to get worried about. I’ll show you today some of the most common Laptop bugs and fixes to them on this post. The idea is that before you take your Laptop to a technician you know what your machine might have or what or where the problem is. Sometimes you’ll realize that you are very capable to fix your own laptop.

I’m a Laptop guy. I’ve had laptops, notebooks and mini laptops of many brands and models. The first I had was a Toshiba and I felt like the king of the world with that one. Then I change to a Compaq Presario and everything started to be better in capacity, speed and so on. Trust me when I say that I’ve had almost every brand. I mean, I’ve worked with IBM laptops, Dell laptops, HP and Sony VaIO. You name it and I’ve had got it.

But despite of the brand or model of the laptops it seems as though they all have the same bugs, issues and similar problems. Knowing what these common laptop problems are can prevent you to take your machine somewhere to get it fixed and pay $50 or $100 when you could fix it yourself.

The most common Laptop problems

Laptop does not turn on

It’s probably the battery. It might not be full charged or probably the AC adapter is not connected properly. If you see a red light is because it is low in battery and you will need to charge it. After being sure that the battery is charged and if you see that your Laptop won’t turn on then you need to take your equipment to a professional techquician. Something in the motherboard is damaged.

Laptop is running slow and not as fast as it used to

For different reasons I re-install the operating system in my computers. When I do this I see a huge change in speed, faster. This is due to all the softwares, images, information we save, things we delete, etc, that we do during our Laptop life. All this speed down our machine. But you don’t need to format your hard drive and install Windows all over. Instead, what you do is to defrag your system. This is a process that takes a few hours and compacts all the white space. You can find the Disk Defragmenting on Start, Accesories, System Tools.

Your Laptop can be slow too due to unnecessary programs that run on start up. You can check what these programs are on Start, Run and writing msconfig.

If you suddenly see that your Laptop is not running fast you might have a spyware or virus, so run the antivirus that you have or Restoreyour system to a previous state.

There are other issues that you can experience with your Laptop like having a battery that doesn’t hold its charge too long. This can be fixed by letting your battery to fully run out of charge and then recharge it completely. It takes longer to charge but the battery will last longer.

There are some more especific problems, issues and bugs about Laptops and so I’ll show you

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