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Here you will get some review about Need for Speed for iPhone and a Link to Download this amazing game to your device. There are some things that you should know before getting or buying any game for iPhone. Remember that you don’t have buttons and so the experience is a little bit different. Anyway, for Need for Speed lovers this is defenitely a game you should have installed since is great to play wherever you are.

I’m a grown up kid, I admit it. My cousin from New York paid me a visit last week and brought with him an iPhone. Both of us started to check what the other had on his phone. To my surprise he had the Need for Speed Game for iPhone installed and I started to play. Wow, how awesome it was. You don’t even have to push any button. I mean, you just let go and move the phone as your racing wheel and feels totally amazing. He, on the other hand, got bored with mine because I only had the Fifa 10 and he doesn’t like those soccer games.

There are only good things that I can say about Need for Speed for iPhone at first sight. It’s fun, shocking and very realistic considering that we don’t have buttons and that we get less video a memory size than a computer. I’ve play a number of racing games for iPhone and trust me when I say that Need for Speed is by far the best. It can be play either on iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple does more these days of what Microsoft or even Sony and Nintendo could had anticipated. For example when comparing the portable Nintendo platform, the DS, we immediately confirm that iPhone version is superior.

This game if for people that really knows about racing games and know a bit about the history behind Need for Speed. Great pictures, global environment, cinematics and dialogs. You can select from a good variety of cars. Need for Speed for iPhone offers three scenarios in the city and different types of game modes.

We all know that we can’t have buttons on iPhone besides the touch that we give on the screen with our fingers. However, we can play Need for Speed on Iphone by moving the phone as it were our wheel. The only problem here is that the device does not recognize fast movements and we won’t be able to move our car abruptly. This shouldn’t stop us from playing though. We just have to touch the screen when we want to reduce speed and brake. The game accelerates our car for itself and we don’t have to worry about it.

The only bad thing about this game is that is sort of short. I mean, you can complete the whole game in an hour and it might not be worthy to pay $7 bucks for it. But if you like Need for Speed and you have an iPhone you should defenitely have this game, otherwise don’t.

I’m not competely sure but I think that you can adapt a game pad to your iPhone and that way you can have buttons and boost your experience.

So guys, here is the link to

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