Mayan Prophecy: December 21th 2012 is the Gregorian Calendar Date

The end of the Mayan Calendar is near, just 2 more years and a couple of months aways of December 21st 2012, which actually represents the Gregorian Calendar equivalent. We’ll also see the rolle of the Sun in all the equation regarding solstices and equinoxes. I’ll be discussing the reason of the date 12-21-2012 and what will happen according to the Mayan Prophecy. An Era or cycle of bactuns is ending and a new one is just about to start.

December 21st 2012. We hear more and more about that date these days. But what doest it mean. Did the Mayas created the date like that or is the Gregorian Calendar equivalent to the ending day of the Mayan Calendar. Anyways, I’ve always wondered how did the scientist or anthropologists conclude that December 21st 2012 was the end of the Maya Calendar or at least the end of the cycle we are living in. What is going to happen after that date… are we going to be OK on December 22nd. I mean, for people who have waited for this date for the last 25,000 years is a huge deal. It’s amazing that be us the ones who are going to witness that magnificent event.

There are many people, despite of their beliefs, who think that something really big will happen on 12-21-2012. Some say that is the End of the World, the Apocalypses. There are others that talk about a “change of mindset”, we’ll become more spiritual and will stop fighting between each other, will love our neighbors and other cool – currently utopia – things like that. There are people, however, that are more focused and centered, and say that is the Economy that will change. They expect the dollar to demise, the rise of a new Empire, or at least the U.S. demise.

So, what’s true in all this? I’ll discuss first what the Mayan Calendar is and how long does the cycle last. Then I’ll explain a little bit about the Gregorian Calendar and why December 21st 2012 would be the end of the Mayan Calendar. There are, however, prophecies all over human cultures and religions. It might be due to astrological cabalas, but Bible, Nostradamus, Mayans and Celtics, they all conclude that something will happen these years. And if you haven’t noticed yet, things are happening, things that we’d never imagined to happen ever.

Earth’s Solstices and Equinoxes

The date December 21st has to do with the Earth’s Seasons. The winter solstice occurs on December 21st and represents the start of winter and also the start of four new seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. December 21st is the shortest day of the year and the Summer Solstice June 21st the longest. March 21st and September 21st are the spring and autumn equinoxes in which days and nights have equal duration.

The Maya Calendar covers 25 thousand years of humans history and it ends on December 21st 2012. Either something happens or not, what’s true is that we are infront of an end of an Era and a new one is going to start from that point. Anyway, no mather what, the Maya Calendar is going to reset to Zero and start all over with a new cycle of 13 backtuns each of which is 144,000 days long. The Maya prophecie is about the galactic alignment: the alignment of the Winter solstice sun with the dark rift,portion of the galaxy that has interstellar dust, in the Milky Way, within the nuclear bulge of the galactic center. The centerline of the galaxy, divides the Milky Way into two hemispheres.


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