Google Nexus One Smartphone with Android 2.1 Operative System

The hottest news so far in the Technolgy Arena seems to be the launchment of the New Google Nexus One Mobile Phone, which could be Google’s 100% phone made in home.

Well, that at least not in the manufacturing in charge of HTC.

Nexus One is another model that fills the list of new mobile devices using the Android terminals in a very discrete way, but having the had of Google behind, it has received all the attentions. Let’s see if deserves it.

Google Nexus One Features

– It has an OLED screen, a right guess, since this technology will be include in new models coming out from 2010 and ahead. With a 480×800 pixels of resolution and 3.5 inches in size, the terminal since doesn’t include a physical keyboard, would result in a thin and light device.

– Not too much memory inside. Starting with 512 MB upgradeable with microSD memory cards.

– The batery would be removable, with the slot to plug the memory cards and SIM card below. Something a little bit uncomfortable since you have to turn off the phone in order to change any of these.

– Talking about design we can tell it’s not too fancy, at least since we know Google is behind the making of this phone. Just the four navigation buttons and control ball breaks with the common features usually expected for a mobile phone.

– As for the processor, everything points to Snapdragon a 1Ghz, a well known one. Without fail, we will see conectivity for Bluetooth and WiFi, digital compass, light sensitivity/approximation sensor, GPS and of course a 5 megapixels camera with AF (autofocus) and flash.

The curious thing about the Google Nexus One phone is the fact that is not still on the market, but every employee at Google has one already and that the company itself be in charge of selling it freely without a trace of the manufacturer HTC on the device.

Once released, the prices for this mobile phone could be around $500 according to rumors. It is not that Google has invested a lot on this field. It could be that any user could get one of this phones thru the mobile phone operators, while developers could get it absolutely for free. In the US is rumored that T-Mobile could the one in charge of distributing this phones to end customers.

The operative system inside the Nexus One could the latest stable version of Android 2.1, at least, this the one operating in the phones used by Google employees.

Many fans of Gadgets are asking themselves if it could be an advantage this phone be from Google. Why is that Google sticks its hands on a field manage so far too well by competitors as Samsung, Motorola, as well as HTC itself? We think the main reason is Google wanting to have an official terminal using Android, the pure element with that operative system.

There a few manufacturers nowadays using Android that don’t want by any means to modify the current appearance of the operative system, but it is also been added features like home screens or widgets. These are mostly the only features the vast majority of manufacturers implement to diferentiate their phones from others copying the same specs and design. In the browsers arena we are seeing that phenomena too!


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