Snails in Fish Tanks or Aquarium

Having snails in a fish tank might be a good idea considering the benefits they provide to the whole ecosystem. Snails predators so they take care of eating decomposing plants and smaller dead animals. However, there are a couple of things that you should know to control the number of snails in the aquarium.

I recognize that the idea of having snails in a fish tank might sound a little bit awkward to some of you, but the truth is that when you get familiar with the care of the fish you eventually pick decorations for your tank and one of those are snails. As a matter of fact, despite of what some say, having snails in the aquarium is a very good idea. Snails take care of eating the decomposing plants, algae and dead animals. So they’re basically a plague control system in your fish tank.

Anyways, you should know a couple of things about snails in a fish tank before dropping some of them in. You have to control their number, what they eat, having other predators and some chemicals too. And all this is because if you just live the alone they will eat all the plants in the aquarium and multiply exponentially.

Controlling Snails in the Fish Tank

Alright, so it’s a good idea but we also have to make sure that snails are not going to cause any trouble with our fish. The main thing that we have to be worried about is the number of snails, less is better. And since we know they multiply like crazy we need to be checking how many they are.

Don’t over feed your fish. In general, you have to make sure that after 3 to 4 minutes after you feed your fish there aren’t any food remains. Because if this is the case then you’ll experience an snail bloom. So decrease the amount of food to keep the number of snails safe in the fish tank. ZNWXMGPZ3759

Snails are predators their selves, some types of snails are carnivores, although don’t get worry about this because they only eat smaller animals than their size, gastropods for example. In the wild real world though, there are other predators besides snails and they keep the number of snails low. Then probably would be a good idea to introduce some more predator in the aquarium such as Clown Loaches.

If you ever find your snail population to be much bigger than necessary you can use the lettuce method, that consist in placing lettuce leaves at night and then remove the snails that cover the lettuce in the morning. Do this until you have the snails in the aquarium under control.

Remember that a Fish Tank is a ecosystem and hence need several minerals, rocks, predators and temperature control in order to keep the fish healthy. Fish are not for everybody, they require strict care. But, hey, give it a try, it’s an amazing therapy. Fish Tanks should be at every home. Kids learn to take care of pets, to love the nature and they can treat people better by learning these things.


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