Cool High Tech Spy Gadgets

When talking about high tech or digital spy gadgets we all think about hidden cameras in regular and common objects as ties, sunglasses and pens. So, I decided to show you four amazing high tech spying gadgets that are available on the market and that disguise any detective activity.

I’ve always been fascinated about detectives and the high tech spying gadgets that they use to find what they’re looking for. When I was a kid I never missed an episode of Detective Gadget, it was incredible to me that he pulled all those awesome tools from his hat. Of course, still in those days, I knew that it was against any physics law having all that packed up his head. But, hey, it was fun.

We all have seen these James Bond movies and all the high tech spy gadgets that he uses. I don’t think that they all be outrageous. As my neighbor Bob used to say, all that you see in Science Fiction movies is actually true. And there is no doubt to me that the CIA, the NSA and other top secret governmental institutions have state of the art technology on their hands. I mean, if we “the mortals” got iPhones, iPods, Blackberries, PSPs, GPS systems and other nano-technology stuff like those, it’s almost obvius that powerful people got other cool things hidden.

Spy Sunglasses Camera

The main purpose when recording someone on camera is that he or she doesn’t know that we are doing that. And that’s why I love these spy sunglasses gadget that has a micro camera incorporated and you can listen to your favorite mp3 music while you are playing the detective on the park. The best part is that you can replace the lense to make sure that people really don’t know that you are recording them. These sunglasses gadget can operate up to 8 hours.

Spy Camera Watch

Yet another micro spying camera gadget but this one is fantastic. I mean, you can record someone who be sitted next to you or accross the room without being infront of him or her. Besides, this watch looks really nice and you can re-charge the batteries via usb and download the recorded video in that way too.

Digital Spy Pen

What a terrific High Tech Spy Gadget this is. It seems as another regular pen but hidden behind the clip is a micro video camera that records video films in AVI format.

The Spy Belt Camera

You will never be noticed with this belt when you be recording people with your hidden micro camera. The best of this digital spy gadget is that you can record digital voice as well. So you record video and voice in 3gp format. James Bond would be proud of you!

I know I’ve only shown you digital spy camera gadgets to you guys today but I think that is one of the most sensational spying gadgets that we can have. Anyways, I’ll be making another spy gadget post soon to show you some other cool things that any detective should have.


Author: Cherada Network

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