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Well friends, it’s time to get to know a little bit better to some of the Most deadly Snakes alive on earth, where you can find them. Ok, so let’s go ahead a review them one by one, they are dangerous and they are not by any means friendly at all if you invade their space.

1 – King Cobra

King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the largest poisonous on Earth. It’s average lenght is 3.7 m but sometimes they reach up to 5,5 m. It’s a thin snake, olive or brown colored, with eyes like bronze. It’s habitat mostly found in Philipines, Malaysia, southeast China, Myamar, India, Thailand and Malaysia. It’s easily found during daytime and eats mostly other snakes (even poisonous). Its poison is deadly toxic.

2 – Taipan

Taipan or Coastal Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) is a kind of a snake from the Elapidae family. It’s a big australian snake (up to 3 mts long), fast, deadly poisonous, has one the most lethal venoms of every snakes. Its name comes from it’s birthplace at Taipan a small village from Cabe York peninsula in Queensland, Australia.

This species subdivides in two more, the coastal (Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus) and the papuan (Oxyuranus scutellatus canni) native from the southeast coast of Papua New Guinea.

Its diet consists mostly of rodents, specially rats and small marsupials from Australia.

Its venom is very poisonous since just one bite is enough to kill more than 125,000 rats or 125 humans.

The coastal Taipan is from pale to dark brown, with a cream sideline, the younger Taipans are lighter. Taipan from Papua is black to gray purple, with tan tones in the upper side.

3 – Black Mamba

Black Mamba or (Dendroaspis polylepis) is one species of snake from the Elapidae family; is the most deadly venomous snake in Africa. With an average lenght of 2,5 mts, can reach up to 4,5 mts. Its name is due to the black color of the mouth; can even change their skin color from yellowish green to a metallic gray. It is one the fastest snakes in the world, capable of moving from 16 to 20 kmph.

Black Mamba is a territorial snake. Thus, it could be highly aggressive if feeling threatened. Specially when its menace is between the snake and its lair. When mad, raises its head to high as possible, even at times looking straight to the eyes of a human being depending of the snake size; bends its back side and moves forward rapidly while it bounces the upper side of its body, its jaws opens, revealing the dark inside the mouth, while it whistles aggresively. Its bite injects around 100 mgs of poisonous venom, deadly for an adult with just 10 to 15 mg. When it hunts small animals just bite them once and backs up, awaiting for the neuro-toxic toxine to paralyze the prey. The death is caused by sofocation, as result of the respiratory muscles paralysis.

4 – Slender-necked Seasnake

The slender-necked seasnake (Hydrophis melanocephalus) is one sort of a snake from the Elipidae family; descending from the terrestrial snakes from Australia, evolving to sea reptiles.

These animals live confined to tropical oceans, specially those from the Indic and the west Pacific Ocean.

Thirty two species han been identified in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. They are reasonably big, but rarely surpass the 2 mts long. Although they do not use to attack if they are not disturbed, its poison tends to be more toxic than the one from the terrestrial snakes, thus being one of the most dangerous animals in the world. Most of these seasnakes make from 10 to 15 mg of poison at once, when a lethal dose implies barely 1,5 mg. Fortunately, an antidote is readily available to use against the venom from these snakes. Because of this, human fatalities rarely present. From the same genre the Hydrophis belcheri is the most poisonous snake on earth with a venom 100 times more lethal than the one produced by the Taipan.

5 – Tiger Snake

They are poisonos and can be found in coastal lines in Austrlia and Tasmania. The skin presents the shape of stripes like a tiger. Most of the snakes of this kind belong to the Notechis genre and its diverse character have been classified under a wide variety of subcategories from this group.

6 – Reticulated Python

It is the biggest snake ever found and belongs to this species, averaging more than 10 mts long. Know as Python Reticulatus can reach up to 6 meters in captivity. Although when breeding is highly aggressive, if it is manipulated frecuently, can be very quite. To house one of these you need a terrarium big enough (the size of a room). It is very importan to pay attention to the “Safety” issues here since they are very strong and can easily break any light crystal, wood sheets, etc.

Crystals should be at least 7 milimiters to avoid to break with ease.

7 – Death Edders

Known as Acanthopis, this variety of the elapid snakes is highly mortal. Found in Australia, New Guinea and the islands nearby. There are 7 species listed by the ITIS, though it is not clear yet how many species include this genre.

8 – Rattlesnakes

Crotalus is a genre from the Crotalinae subfamily in the viper family. They are known as common snakes or rattlesnakes and crotalus. They highly toxic and endemic throughout the Americas, from southeast Canada to Argentina. All the species except for one, C. catalinensis, are easily reconizable for their distiguishable rattle at the tip of its tail, but not to evolved. More than 20 species have been recognized.

The rattle is formed with corneoscleral cases to the extreme of its tail so in case of danger they can emit an alert sound and thus protecting the snake from being footsteped for bigger animals and humans. With each change of look a new ring it is added to the rattle, allowing with that to stimate the age of the animal.

9 – Flake Snake

2000 people dead by year, highly agresive, rub its body against its prey.

10 – Anaconda

Green Anaconda o Eunecte murinus is a constrictor snake from the boa family, endemic from South America; lives in the margins of Amazona and Orinoco rivers, as well as other sights in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela y Trinidad.


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