5 Extreme Rescues in Accidents and Catastrophes

Rescue Specialists are always ready to provide assistance to people who have victims of dramatic accidents or catastrophes like earthquakes, fires and hurricanes. There are 5 of the most extreme rescues that have ever took place and that have been recorded on video. These stories include people been rescued from motocrossing accidents at the mountain, people trapped on wild waves in the middle of a hurricane and more.

Every year people is rescued from dramatic accidents or tragedies they suffered while they were practicing some extreme sport or just hanging out on their vacations. Or perhaps they just were at the wrong place at the wrong moment and kept trapped at the middle of some scale 4 hurricane or tornado.

Rescue specialists utilize very sophisticated equipment: harnesses, ropes, ladders and other cools things like belts, shoes and more. They also use special vehicles like helicopters, boats and trucks.

Top 5 Extreme Rescues

These are 5 amazing Extreme Rescues that have been recorded on video and show the dramatic sequence of the victims in danger and the assistance provided by rescuers until putting the victim in a safe place. It’s awesome what these rescuers do. They actually sacrifice their own lives to save others. But seeing someone back to the arms of their family is something that nothing on earth can pay.

1. Extreme Rescue at Mountain

These guys were motocrossing on a mountain of Italy and they suffered an accident. The interesting thing about this video is the care of the rescuers on how do they treat the victims. They have to be extremely careful because people can have broken bones or something and they don’t want to make things even worst of what they are.

2. Extreme Rescue From Hurricane Wave

This Dramatic Rescue took place on the last Hurricane Season in 2009. A large wave fueled by Hurricane Bill swept spectators out to sea at a Maine park Sunday. Coast Guard officials say 3 people were pulled from the waters near Acadia National Park.

3. Extreme After Earthquake Rescue at china

It’s difficult if not impossible to rescue people right after an Earthquake has taken place. And that’s because quakes continue for many minutes and hours after the original came out. Rescuers have difficult to breath while they try to find people hidden below the rocks and buildings. But any rescue is like a miracle here. Chances of finding someone alive decreases by the minute and rescuers have to do their best.

4. Firefighters Rescue

Many times after a Fire Rescue the last victims inside a building are precisely the firefighters. On this video we see two firefighters trap in the basket. There are some problems with the ladder but they finally managed to run away from tragedy.

5. Extreme Rescue at the Grand Canyon

This helicopter rescue took place at the very Grand Canyon where a girl broke her leg in three sections. Because of the location the rescue was very difficult to make and the victim had to wait until the specialists arrived and do their job with the right equipment.

So, if you guys ever have an accident like the ones above, or got trapped in some catastrophe, the one thing you should keep in mind is to stay calmed, not to move unnecessarily and wait until the help arrive. Who knows, you will probably the star of the next extreme rescue video.


Author: Cherada Network

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