Mobile Cell Phone Bugging and Detection: Someone might be Spying

Are you afraid that your Mobile or Cell Phone might be bugged and some people or the government could be listening to any conversation that you have with your friends or family? Well, today we are going to talk about this cell phone spying/bugging issue. Some things are facts and others are fiction. Cell Phone bugging has developed in a rutine activity by the FBI and the Government, even more since the 9/11 attacks.

What can I say except that Cell Phone Bugging is a topic that has captivated my attention very much in the last couple of days. Let me start by saying that I was going to talk about regular bugs and common problems that people have with their Mobile Cell Phone Devices and finding ways to fix them. But the truth is that when I was looking for information on how to do that, the only topics I could get were related to Cell Phone Spying (bugging) activities, ways on detecting if your Cell Phone has been bugged and, of course, ways to stop this terrible abuse on your own device. Getting all this information is huge. I mean, I think all you guys would like to know how can you implant a bug yourself on your phones and play the detective role with your friends. That’d be kindda fun, right?

As for many of these topics there are some things that are real and others that are not. Some say that the FBI is capable of listening to any Cell Phone conversation EVEN when the Phone is turned off.

So, what is Cell Phone buggin anyway?

Yeah, I know, the term may result new for many of you, so let’s first put in simple words what doest it mean when people say that your Cell Phone is bugged. Cell Phone bugging has to do with other people listening to your conversations. Sometimes Phone Companies along with the Government agree to plant this bugs on mobiles. Not all of them are bugged but probably yours might be. But don’t panic, ok. There are some easy steps to determine wether your Phone is bugged or not. You just have to notice if the cell phone runs out of battery too soon. Take a look at this interesting video where we can see how Cell Phones are bugged.

When talking about Cell Phone bugging it all has to do with Spying activities, people trying to play the detectives. And this is preciselly what really concerns me. I mean, it bothers me and annoys me has you can’t possible tell! What would you do if you knew that the FBI is listening to every single conversation of yours even when your Mobile Cell Phone is turned off? I don’t know how they do to plant bugs on cell phones but they do. That’s a fact, because it has even been on the news:

It seems that ever since this Patriot Act came out the Government is capable of doing literally everything that years ago was only Science Fiction.

I don’t know. Maybe, next time you get a new Cell Phone you should check if it perform this wierd activity. Detecting if your cell phone’s been bugged on time will prevent you to live any ackward episode with the authorities. There are simple solutions to fix this issue just as removing these bugs.


Author: Cherada Network

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