Fennec is the Mozilla Browser for Mobile Cell Phones

At last here it is the new arrival brought this time by the guys from Mozilla that has released recently its brand new mobile browser Fennec, now in Beta testing.

The Mozilla Foundation now launches the 12th stage of development and the first portable version of Firefox compatible with Mac OS X, Linux and the Internet Tablet for Nokia N810. It is yet to be available a version compatible with all Windows mobile devices.

Meanwhile, Fennec was created for cell phones based on Maemo and models like N900 and N810 from Nokia.

Until now the most known browser for cell phone was the Opera, then the arrival of Android and today Fennec.

Fennec Main Features:

Touchable: With a touch screen in mind

Size matters: all actions will be represented with images big enough to be selected with ease and fast.

Writing is hard: Minimization in the number of steps required for an action. With this will be easier writting a web address.

Content is king: It doesn’t matter screen size is small, all the content will be displayed

Tabbed browsing: It’s very easy to create new tabs. Just click in new tab (+ sign) and the browser will fill an empty space adding a new tab and maximizing the view there.

Navigation: As with the iPhone, scrolling the page with your finger, dragging it and thus making it faster and easy with large pages.

The core focus for the development of Mozilla Fennec is the creation of a new Firefox user experience that reflects the design principles adding support for touch screen and other interactivity suitable for cell phones as well as other portable devices, while preserving the core characteristics from its browser, like the smart URL bar (“awesome bar“) that shows suggestions while you write a web address, syncronization with Mozilla Weave service, ability browse taking into consideration the localization of the user and support for add ons.

It has support for TraceMonkey, the new engine for JavaScript, fast start, quicker zooming, support for plug-ins, tabbed browsing with tiny pics, password manager, pop-up blocker, private data cleaning, download manager and besides you can install it on your PC (if you dream with that!)

Of course, this is still a beta and surely not all will turn out ok, but it is a step forward in mobile phone browsers that with any doubt will improve in the coming months.

It’s very clear Fennec will be a hard to beat competitor in the mobile phone browsers arena for the current leaders in the market.

If you want to install Mozilla Fennec to your cell phone or get to know better what this browser is about, then visit its


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