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Mafia Wars by Zinga Tricks, Tips and Cheat Codes

Mafia Wars by Zinga Tricks, Tips and Cheat Codes

Mafia Wars is the game that everybody is playing at Facebook right now. A game where players become feared gangsters. But this can only happen if you know the right Tricks and Cheat Codes to become a very respectable Gangster on Mafia Wars. Today I will share with you these great tricks and cheat codes to get more money, chips, energy and more.

With over 27 million Monthly Active Users so far, as for November 2009, Mafia Wars by Supreme Developer Zinga has become one of the Most Popular Facebook Games. Overall, Mafia Wars gets about 50 million Active Users each month through Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and iPhone.

Mafia Wars

On Mafia Wars you can start a Mafia family with your friends, run a criminal empire and fight to be the most powerful family. Mafia Wars makes references to sex, drugs and violence so is for audiences above 18 years old.

Mafia Wars Tricks and Cheat Codes

Well, it’s no secret to anyone that if you want to become one of the most powerful families on Mafia Wars, you and your friends will need some Tricks and Cheat Codes to beat the rest of the folks.

When you play this game a lot, you realize that more than money and health, is energy what is more important cause that allows you to do quest and earn cash and experience.

When you want to buy some equipment, as a chainsaw, you first need to check on the number of your team members and if you are planning to increase that number in the near future.

Some Tips and Recommendations on different Topics when playing Mafia Wars would be:

<*>Weapons: Bloody Chainsaws should be available to half your mafia. The other half should use the Chain Guns.
<*>Armor: Body Armor all around.
<*>Vehicles: The Towncar is the winner.
<*>Avoid the Hitlist if you are a beginner.
<*>When you kill someone and get the maximum amount of cash ($70,000), bookmark them and attack them as often as possible.
<*>The Best Early Cash and Experience Jobs are:
Level 1 ? 4: Auto Theft, Level 5 ? 8: Bank Heist, Level 9 ? 12: Museum Break In, Level 13 ? 17: Wiretap the Cops

Mafia Wars Cheat Codes

Here are some great cheat codes that will help you advance to higher levels quickly: <*>Beat Up Rival Gangster (1e) = .22 Pistol (2A 0D)
<*>Collect Protection Money (2e) = Butterfly Knife (2A 1D)
<*>Rough Up Dealers (2e) = Brass Knuckles (2A 2D)
<*>Rob a Pimp (3e) = .9mm Semi-Automatic (3A 2D)
<*>Take Out a Rogue Cop (3e) = .45 Revolver (3A 2D)
<*>Perform a Hit (3e) = Tactical Shotgun (3A 2D)
<*>Destroy Enemy Mon Hideout (5e) = C-4 (5A 2D)
<*>Kill a Protected Snitch (5e) = Stab-Proof Vest (2A 5D)
<*>Bust a Made Man Out of Prison (5e) = Automatic Rifle (4A 4D)
<*>Fight a Haitian Gang (6e) = Semi-Automatic Shotgun (5A 4D)
<*>Smuggle Across The Border (7e) = Armored Truck (4A 8D)
<*>Repel the Yakuza (13e) = Grenade Launcher (14A 10D)
<*>Disrupt rival smuggling ring (15e) = 50 .50 Caliber Rifle (16A 11D)
<*>Invade Tong-controlled Neighborhood (25e) = Armored Car (14A 15D)
<*>Sell Guns To The Russian Mob (25e) = RPG Launcher (20A 12D)
<*>Protect your City against a Rival Family (35e) = Bodyguards (8A 25D)
<*>Assassinate a Political Figure (35e) = Night Vision Goggles (5A 16D)
<*>Exterminate a Rival Family (40e) = Napalm Attack (25A 9D)


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