8 Hot Pictures of Katherine Heigl 10 years ago

Katherine Heigl is a hot actress that has become a celebrity since she was a teenager although it was until she performed the roll of Izzy Stevens on Popular Medicine TV Show Grey’s Anatomy when she became extremely famous. But this time I’ll share some pictures of Katherine Heigl 10 years ago, when she was barely 18.

It’s been 13 years since that movie when we saw a very hot teenager Katherine Heigl. I’m talking about the corny teen movie “Wish Upon a Star” where she switched bodies with her little sis.

Katherine Heigl is about to be 31 years old on November 24th. She was born in Washington D.C. on 1978. Katherine comes from Irish and German families.

Katherine Heigh Movies

She made her debut on 1992 with the Film “That Night” when she was only 13 years old performing a cute blond little girl. Then she performed the roll of Alexia Wheaton on the Film “With Upon a Star”. After that she has acted in more than 30 different Movies, like the Twilight Zone, The Descendant, Critical Assembly, Romy and Michelle, and most recently, The Ugly Truth.

Katherine Heigl Pictures at Age of 18 and younger

No one doubts now that she is a hot actress but for those who haven’t seen her when she was young here are some great pictures:


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