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Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Online Full Episodes

Watch  Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Online Full Episodes

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan or just to want to catch up with the last episodes then I’ll tell where to watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Online, Full Episode. This is season starts with George O’Malley’s passing and with Dr. Shepperd trying to start his newlywed life with Meredith Grey.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 couples have not changed compared to Season 5’s. I mean, Meredith Grey is now married ‘by a post-it’ with Dr. Derek Shepperd; Dr. Cristina Yang with former Irak soldier Dr. Hunt; Callie Torres on her Lesbian Relationship; Dr. Izzy Stevens with Dr. Alex Karev; and Dr. Mark Sloan with Meredith little sister Dr. Lexie Grey.

To be honest that’s why sometimes I get bored about this TV Show. I mean, the fact that they screw with each other making couples without going to the outside world really annoys me. Why can’t a Doctor meet an Executive or an Engineer or anything else? Come on!

But I’m not here to talk about what I do or don’t like. I just wanted to share a link where you can Watch all Season 6 Full Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy TV Show.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episodes

<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 1: Good Mourning (1) – The hospital staff are left to deal with the aftermath of George’s passing. Hitting them hard, they all find unique ways to get through the various stages of grief. George’s mom returns, faced with the difficult task of deciding what to do with his organs. Elsewhere, the Chief must deal with a shocking blow to his career, Derek receives an unexpected job offer, and Lexie is asked to befriend a young female patient with serious injuries and no support system at her side. This is the first hour of a 2-hour season premiere. Two separate episode entries have been created. The 10pm EST marker will mark the beginning of the second episode.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 2: Goodbye (2) – Everyone is struggling after losing one of their own and are turning to any distraction they can find. Meredith and Derek seem to be consummating their marriage anywhere and everywhere, while Cristina and Owen have been instructed to abstain from sex by Dr. Wyatt. Izzie doesn’t understand why Alex is pulling away from her emotionally, and Lexie considers the next step in her relationship with Mark. This is the second hour of a 2-hour season primere. A two episode entries have been created. The 10pm EST marker will mark to beginning of this episode.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 3: I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me – Several weeks after her near-death experience, a recovering Izzie returns to work, and Alex is concerned that she’s pushing herself too much. Meanwhile, nervous that there will be layoffs in the hospital in the wake of an announcement from the Chief, the Seattle Grace residents compete to survive the cuts, including Cristina, who attempts to work alongside Arizona in pediatrics. Also, Bailey and Alex’s patient’s already complex case is further complicated by her schizophrenic son.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 4: Tainted Obligation – When Meredith and Lexie’s father, Thatcher, returns to the hospital with a failed liver, it’s up to Meredith to save his life. Meanwhile, Izzie empathizes with a patient riddled with tumors, as Mark, annoyed with Cristina’s competitive zeal, tricks her into assisting on an unusual surgery.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 5: Invasion – The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie for surgeries and their careers as day one of the hospital merger begins. Still recovering from surgery, Meredith must count on her friends to keep her updated on everything that’s happening. Meanwhile, Arizona stands by an enraged Callie when her father returns to Seattle with a priest to convince his daughter to date men. Lexie clashes with a staff member from Mercy West, while the pressure to save her career takes its toll on Cristina. Lastly, Izzie experiences the brunt of her new surgical competition, especially when a major mistake threatens her job.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 6: I Saw What I Saw – After a burn victim unexpectedly dies in the midst of a chaotic ER, the Chief and board member Jennings interrogate the residents to find the culprit, as all the Mercy West and Seattle Grace resident defends their actions in an effort to save their jobs.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 7: Give Peace a Chance – When a lab technician from the hospital has an inoperable tumor wrapped around his spine, he asks Derek to do the impossible. Derek tests the Chief’s authority by moving forward with the risky surgery. Meanwhile, Alex continues to be tested emotionally over his situation with Izzie, and the rest of the doctors compete with each other to prove their talents.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 8: Invest In Love – A generous $25 million donation is offered to Seattle Grace by the parents of a 10-year-old cancer patient. This prompts the Chief to pressure Arizona into performing a risky operation on the child. Meanwhile, Arizona is upset that Callie is not contributing more to their relationship. Cristina tests her boundaries with Owen during a critical surgery. Alex is left with all of Izzie’s hospital bills to contend with, and as he immerses himself in his work at the hospital, Reed feels herself growing closer to him.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 9: New History – Owen recruits Dr. Teddy Altman a former Iraqi veteran, as the new cardiothoracic surgeon, Cristina questions her abilities in the E.R. and relationship with Owen. Izzie returns to Seattle Grace with her high school mentor seeking treatment for his dementia. Richard’s responsibilities, post-merger, are taking a toll on him.
<*>Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 10: Holidaze – As Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s pass, Miranda gets a visit from her father, William who disapproves of her choices in life. Mark and Lexie cope with an arrival of a woman from his past. Thatcher questions the Chief’s recent behavior as Meredith comes to his defense.


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