091110-The Top 100 Bestsellers Books of 2009

This is the Top 100 Bestsellers Books List of 2009 based on the sales of Barnes and Noble. This is pretty a good date (Nov 9) to make a list about the bestselling books of this year since we are just six weeks for 2009 to end. So, very few positions might change but who ever knows…

Alright, so I wanted to make a List of the Top 100 Bestsellers Books of 2009 and though they were some great lists like New York Times‘ based on expert reviews I decided to stay with the list that had to do with sales. And that’s because at the end, it’s all what really matters, I mean, what people are really looking for to buy and read. Probably this List will work as gift ideas for this Christmas season.

Barnes & Noble Bestseller List 2009


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