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100 Most Popular TV Shows of 2009

100 Most Popular TV Shows of 2009

Finally here’s the Complete List of the 100 Most Popular TV Shows of 2009. This List include some TV Shows that are very remarkable to mention, shows that have been around since 1989 and still are there at top 10! I’m talking about The Simpsons. House is Number 1, followed by NCIS, SmallVille, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s no secret to anybody that Cartoons are by far the TV Shows that get to be around for decades. The Simpsons has been a very Popular TV Show since 1989, SouthPark since 1997, Family Guy since 1999 and Dragonball Z since 1996.

Most Popular TV Shows have to do mostly with Medecine, Crime and Law, Comedy and Reality.

This Year Number 1 is House MD. It’s been such expectation about the beginning of House Season 6 and it has definetelly not dissapointed anyone.

Top 100 Most Popular TV Shows of 2009

<*>Grey’s Anatomy
<*>Family Guy
<*>Gossip Girl
<*>South Park
<*>One Tree Hill
<*>Desperate Housewives
<*>Criminal Minds
<*>How I Met Your Mother
<*>The Office
<*>The Big Bang Theory
<*>Stargate Universe
<*>The Simpsons
<*>The Vampire Diaries
<*>CSI: Miami
<*>The Mentalist
<*>True Blood
<*>Two and a Half Men
<*>CSI: NY
<*>Ghost Whisperer
<*>Private Practice
<*>30 Rock
<*>Law and Order: Special Victims…
<*>Degrassi: The Next Generation
<*>Hannah Montana
<*>Brothers and Sisters
<*>Ugly Betty
<*>It’s Always Sunny in…
<*>Saturday Night Live
<*>The Game
<*>Sons of Anarchy
<*>Lie to Me
<*>Prison Break
<*>Cold Case
<*>Curb Your Enthusiasm
<*>SpongeBob SquarePants
<*>Defying Gravity
<*>Mad Men
<*>Avatar: The Last Airbender
<*>Wizards of Waverly Place
<*>NCIS: Los Angeles
<*>America’s Next Top Model
<*>Modern Family
<*>Burn Notice
<*>Ben 10: Alien Force
<*>Gilmore Girls
<*>Star Wars: The Clone Wars
<*>Stargate Atlantis
<*>American Dad!
<*>The Cleveland Show
<*>Law and Order
<*>The Hills
<*>Dragonball Z
<*>The Unit
<*>Home and Away
<*>Cougar Town
<*>Battlestar Galactica (2003)
<*>Buffy the Vampire Slayer
<*>Legend of the Seeker
<*>Las Vegas
<*>Ben 10
<*>Sex and the City
<*>Naruto Shippuden

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