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10 World’s Most Rare Allergies and Weird Reactions

10 World’s Most Rare Allergies and Weird Reactions

Whenever you’ve been at Outdoors Activities with many people you might have seen some suffering from extreme rare allergies with very weird reactions. Some people suffer what we know as Anafilactic Shocks and they stop breathing and get into cardio attacks.

You don’t want to ask the guy next to you ‘Did this contained any strawberry?’ like Dr. Chase’s Bachelor Party on House M.D when he suffered of a severe Anafilactic Shock when licking on that hot Karamel stripper body.

So here’s a list of 10 foods and items that can conduct into severe allergies. The list contain foods like chocolate and milk and products like deodorant, alcohol, mobile phones and iPods.

For example we could mention that some reactions of chocolate allergy include acne, asthma, anxiety, depression, headaches, hay fever, eczema, hives, rectal itching, heartburn, coronary problems and skin irritation.

Important thing here is not to panic. I mean, if you suffer from one of these allergies what you’ve got to do his to prevent these dramatic episodes. You can live your entire life allergie free. And if you ever suffer of any allergie you must stay calm. It’s must likely that you don’t even have to visit the doctor.

Beer Allergie

As a bonus I will tell you about a very weird allergie that I suffer. Not always but many times when I drink beer I suffer of a very anoying pain in the joints of my jaw. I tried to find a solution but there was any. But after lots of testing I finally have one. What I do is to drink a lot of water and the pain dissapears as magic.


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