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Posicionamiento Web con YouTube
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The best option to promote every post, web page, product, service or affiliate link you have on your own site or in any promotional channel you use to attract visitors, sell or inform.

Give us the URL of any website you want to position with our service and give us a keyword either "longtail" (4 or more words), either low or medium competition on YouTube and rest assured that you will be placed on the first page of YouTube results and in the top positions, also these excellent results are extended to Google searches.

We create interesting short videos in HD promoting your page that are then optimally uploaded to YouTube to position it with the keyword you want.

Ideal Service to Promote and Position Your Web Pages...
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • PBNs
  • Affiliate links
  • Amazon, eBay and similar sites
  • ...any commercial or informative web page you are interested in promoting and positioning
This is the most effective way to achieve immediate results with any new or old page you have; that already receives traffic or that you want to start receiving.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and it is a fact that more and more search results on Google itself show videos in the top positions.

We can help you test, test and tempt the waters with any keyword and variations you want to use, our service is affordable and accessible enough for you to give free rein to your imagination and make your tests to achieve more and better results when creating content for your website that attracts visitors.

Results TODAY SAME for Global and Local Searches

  • No visits, no likes, no backlinks
  • Thanks to the methodology and optimization we do.

Complete Positioning Work

  • Analysis of your keywords and competition
  • Creation of short and eye-catching Video
  • Optimization of Video for Publication on YouTube
  • Backlinks for your Video
  • Evaluation of positioning and suggestions

IN YOUTUBE: Video Instantly New Positioned
in First Page and First Results

IN GOOGLE: New Video Instantly Positioned
in First Page and First Results

IN GOOGLE: Positions after hiring EXTRA Maintenance Plan

The cheapest Positioning Plan at your reach

For less than what you pay elsewhere we position you on the first page* of your website for a keyword and if we achieve that position on YouTube, you can enjoy the benefits of having your link for 1 month, the same if at the same time we get it to go to the first in Google, then you can keep that position by subscribing to the Maintenance and Position Improvement Plan that tells you as the case may be.

I´m telling you, this is a tool that should be an integral and constant part of your arsenal of SEO to use every day, every week and every month.

That´s why we´ve decided to create convenient plans for you to start seeing results and get excited about positioning your own or other people´s websites.

With so many advantages, the easiest thing for you is to leave the promotion and positioning of your web pages in our hands, since we create attractive videos, optimized to position on YouTube and Google, and we create backlinks for them. What more do you want? It´s re-easy, just choose the plan that suits you best.

Maintenance Plans to Achieve More and Better Positions Fast

... on YouTube as Google


You saw the image above where we show you how we are achieving better positions for both the videos and for the website promoted.

The good thing about ranking with this strategy is that YouTube has Domain Authority 100, that is, anything you publish here has a better chance of being positioned than if you did it from your site or blog.

That´s why, when you hire your maintenance plan, especially if you do it on a monthly basis, you receive the best of the best:

* Visits to your videos
* Likes
* Comments
* Subscribers
* Embeds
* Shares
* Quality Backlinks (on pages with Page Authority, Trust Flow) for quick upload of friendly positions!

[b]Dragging Strategy: The Two Greatest Seekers At Your Orders

So, just by putting the videos, you can benefit your website by taking it from a non-existent position in searches to appear on the first page of Google along with the video we will make for you and expose at the same time your website to an audience hungry for information on YouTube, 2 birds with 1 stone!

Saturated Search Results

The advantages of the strategy are unlimited, as shown in the image.

Our Valued Customers Say:

YouTube Web Rankings
Rated 5 / 5 based on 7 reviews.
emarketinglobal @ 17:48:
Los resultados superaron las expectativas. Excelente trabajo
Lisipo @ 02:15:
Buen trabajo
gomesampaiobr @ 21:10:
Increíble, muy buenos los videos, cortos y al grando. Lo más sorprendente es que el mismo día que el video fue subido, ya figuraba en la primera página junto otros videos más antiguos y con harto tráfico. No había podido lograrlo en mi canal de YT antes. Gracias amigos!
sergiisv @ 15:49:
Buen trabajo ya había probado esta estrategia aunque no tengo tiempo para pasar con tanto que hacer, así que el precio está accesible. Creo que cambiaré de plan para hacer esto con cada post que publique durante el mes.
@ 10:54:
Pedí que rankearan los terminos con los que había subido mis videos a youtube sin ningún éxito y lo lograron no sé cómo lo importante es que ya estoy en la primera página de este portal para compartir videos y de ribete 2 de los videos rankean en primera pagina de Google para dos te los terminos de busqueda local que tengo ... ¡recomendable, sin pensarlo!
osmincin @ 01:06:
al fin me convenci despues de tanta publicidad recomendando este nuevo servicio, no podría estar mas contento con haber tomado la decisión, realmente logran rankear en especial palabras clave locales o que no son muy genéricas, es fabuloso, tb tengo un video de 5 minutos chicos qué me sugieren?
@ 13:05:
Gracias primera vez que me posiciono en primera pagina ha sido bien rapido les doy un diez

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