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Traducci�n de tu Sitio Web al Ingl�s para SEO
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Let's face it, if you want to improve the authority and relevance of your website in search engines, the path is a bit arduous if you expect all your backlinks to be from Spanish sites and even more if you want them to be from the same industry or niche in which you are.
For years our clients begged us to offer them to create backlinks in Spanish and it was up to 5 years after being online offering SEO services that we launched our backlinks service from Spanish sites, it was not an easy decision, as the options are limited. To this day the Spanish backlinks service is still in force and with many satisfied customers!

I'm sure you aspire to more...

Faced with a limited number of quality options where to publish backlinks in Spanish, the question arises of and now what?

You know well that [b]if you want your site to be relevant (more authority) to Google
, it is necessary and urgent to get as many links from important sites that give you their vote of confidence referencing with a link to your website, either your home page or that of some product, service or important content of interest.

This becomes even more relevant in the case of sites that are not major content producers, say through a blog, and only have a site with 3 or 5 informative pages and that's all they have!

That's why we've been working privately with our frequent customers offering the ultimate solution to this need.

[h2]To do more SEO and get faster results your site MUST be in ENGLISH!

When you SEO for English sites it is incredible how many contacts and sources of link publishing and traffic generation you can find, the availability of webmasters, editors, editors and owners of English sites to collaborate in your purpose of publishing a link on their sites is greater, they do it with pleasure and without begging them with the famous "outreach".

When your website is in English you agree to publish Press Releases on sites affiliated with FOX, ABC, NBC, to publish guestposts on sites such as BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, LifeHack, NaturalNews and other great sites of high weight and authority on the web that even those of us who speak Spanish know bluntly that they are important sites all over the world, not just in the United States! all over the world!

So, this is our offer that we launched to the public for the first time to bring to everyone what we once offered only to our frequent customers.

Installation, Configuration and Translation for your WordPress Site

We installed WPML the best plugin for WordsPress to allow your website to be in English and other languages. It's a very sophisticated plugin that requires some patience and effort to configure it properly. Which is no longer a problem as we take care of all this technical part to make the transition between one language and another as easy as possible already implemented on your website.

We take care of everything visible on your website with the translation of plugins, widgets, menus and duplication of content for translation.

Our initial offer includes translation of 1,000 words, distributed among:
- Menus
- Widgets
- Bottom of Page
- Home Page
- Internal Pages of your choice

How do I translate all the pages of my site?

To translate the rest of your website's content from Spanish to English, just contract any of our English Spanish translation plans.

What if my site is not in WordPress?

Contact us, send us the URL of your website and comment on what platform your site is developed on. We have expert programmers trained to create the system that allows you to have a site in 2 or more languages.

Start Now and Access a World of More and Better Positioning Opportunities

The time has come for you to make a quality leap with your project, creating the English version of your page, accessing new potential clients - foreigners inside (tourists or residents) and outside your country - and accessing better sites where you can do SEO, achieve greater authority for your website and achieve that overflow effect from which all your internal pages drink to improve their positioning in search engines. In today's globalized world, it's always GOOD to have a site in two languages! Let's start with English!
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