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Cuentas Business Manager Verificadas y Activos Publicitarios
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Welcome to the exclusive page for Business Manager account customers, here you have at your fingertips the next level of accounts to boost your advertising activity on the Facebook platform.

Business Manager Premium Account Types

We offer the next higher level to advertise with Business Manager, each offer is tailored to a particular type of advertiser, so read carefully to choose the type of account that suits you.

Business Manager Premium #1: Verified Business Manager

Who is this for?
If you are already advertising and want to migrate your business to a Verified Business Manager to reduce the likelihood of restrictions that may arise with an Unverified Business Manager, this is your option. Normally, when we have an UNVERIFIED Business Manager we are afraid that we will be restricted and lose our assets such as the pixel or the advertising account. The solution we have for you is to provide you with a Business Manager VERIFIED as a business in the United States that will allow you to lower the probabilities of restriction and you will be able to scale your advertising activity with peace of mind.

What is included?
  • Business Manager Verified with United States business (USA)
  • 1 Verified Profile with Identity Card


Business Manager Premium #2: Initial Structure to advertise on Facebook

Who is it aimed at?
If you are currently unable to advertise because you have restrictions. We provide you with an initial structure to be able to advertise on Facebook Ads. It is recommended for people who are starting in e-commerce products, infoproducts, services.

What is included?
  • Business Manager Not Verified
  • 2 verified profiles with ID
  • 1 advertising account with US$50 daily limit ready to run Conversion Campaigns
  • 1 Facebook Page ready to run Conversion Campaigns

Business Manager Premium #3: E-Commerce Structure

Who is this for?
If you are already running conversion campaigns in your business and somehow or other restricted and stopped your sales; then, this framework is for you. It is recommended for people who are already having sales in their e-commerce and want to have business continuity.

What is included?
  • Business Manager Verified as Business
  • 2 Advertising Accounts with daily spending limit of US$50 ready to run Conversion Campaigns
  • 2 Facebook Pages ready to run Conversion Campaigns
  • 2 Profiles with Identity Verification


Resistant Advertising Accounts

Who is it aimed at?.
Here is the answer to the question of how to increase your daily ad spend with your Business Manager account, either Unverified or Verified, by adding another ad account to your assets, you can scale the level of ad spend. Each ad account adds another US$50.00 per day.

What is included?
  • Resistant Account
  • Daily spending limit of US$50.00
  • Instructions to incorporate it to the Business Manager

Personalized Consulting to Design your Advertising Strategy

Who is it for?
If you want to have a robust strategy that contemplates all the contingencies that are necessary to achieve a successful advertising investment over time with the longest useful life for your advertising resources. Here is how to get personalized online advice to understand your purposes as an advertiser and your advertising ideas that you want to implement and from there give you a more complete vision of what you can do and achieve with the resources that we offer here.

What is included?
  • 1 hour video call via Zoom or Skype

Support and Warranty

For all the customers who have known us since we started offering only New and Old accounts, we have paid attention to your requests over the years by evolving this service to include everything from Marketplace and Ads accounts to unverified Business Manager accounts, as well as keeping up with the changes that are continually being introduced to the Facebook platform. Now, once again we have listened to you and here we are taking it to the next level with the launch of Facebook Verified Business Manager Accounts and its extra services.

So, you know you can count on us as your preferred provider for Facebook accounts with the technical support to solve your concerns, as well as our account replacement guarantee. That is why we said from the beginning that this page is exclusive for existing customers, that is, our frequent customers who already know us. Since serving these exclusive accounts is our priority first with customers who already prefer us and have track record buying with confidence on our website.

Launch Offers

For a limited period, everything offered on this page will be discounted as much as possible so that you can take the opportunity to stock up now, instead of waiting for the next special occasion when we offer this kind of sale. Or... do you have time to wait until November for Black Friday? So, now is the time, right? Don´t be slow Take advantage of the introductory offers today!
Got Questions?
Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of your first purchase and its management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the accounts you offer I have less probability of restriction?
All the assets that we offer here have undergone a strengthening process so that users who access these assets can advertise with peace of mind.

Can I verify my own Business Manager?
At the moment you cannot, but with us you can acquire a Verified Business Manager as a Company in the United States.

What do you mean by a Facebook asset being "resistant"?
This means that it has gone through an internal process so that conversion campaigns can be launched.

In the consultancy for Advertising Strategy can we see anti-banking strategies?
Of course, you can learn concepts to have more training regarding restrictions and bans on Facebook, in order to be able to scale the advertising activity with peace of mind.

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