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Creaci�n y Publicaci�n de Comunicados de Prensa
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Press releases are an important source of authority and reputation for SEO purposes, as your backlinks are published on relevant websites.
The links you receive through the publication of a press release, by their very nature, become not only a source of web positioning when published on a relevant site, they are also a source of permanent traffic because they are sites that have audience and whose content is easily indexed in search engines.

Get noticed online
with each Website, Product, Service or Improvement
that you introduce to the market

The more people know about you or your company, the more interest you will generate in journalists and potential partners in your industry, so you will generate follow up and coverage over time by using this strategy more frequently.

Google rates these sites favorably because they are sites that are sources of valuable informational content that people are looking for, so they are much more valuable backlinks than a backlink on a random blog or forum.

In addition, it is a fairly inexpensive investment when compared to other sources of paid advertising on the Internet.

Press releases also serve to improve and repair your prestige (reputation marketing), especially if you have received bad ratings and comments on the net, for things you may not have done.

Publishing Service on PREMIUM Sites

We will write your press release for you, send it for publication and give you an online publications report with your link.

Press releases are distributed to a network of relevant sites, to mention a few platforms: Google News, Yahoo, Bing, PRBuzz,, MyPRGenie, EuropaPress and many more.

At an affordable price, we offer you an option previously only available to large companies with huge advertising budgets. Today, we offer guaranteed publication on leading or affiliated sites of the major media in the United States: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Boston Globe, Reuters, Yahoo Finance, among others.

EXTRA: Publication and Media Submission in Spanish and Portuguese

We also do it in Spanish and Portuguese, offering you two plans to choose from with the guarantee of being published online in 5 or 10 media respectively. The sites are mostly from Spain. If you so require, we can include 2 guaranteed publications in Mexican media or, if your communication is in Portuguese in 2 Brazilian media.

This is a unique option in its class, we elaborate the content following the guidelines of these large publishing conglomerates and we return you a report with the URLs of the publications.

APROVECHA: Limited Time Exclusive Offer. Excellent choice for the public relations of your business and to add that valuable social proof that your business has been featured in the mainstream media.

Review our plans below to get an idea of the relevant media that are included.

For this work we generally request
  • 1-3 URLs
  • 3-10 Keywords
  • Contact details (Company name, Press officer, Email, Address, Telephone, YouTube Video)

NOTE: This option is not available for adult sites, betting, pharmaceuticals
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and pick your sites
Got Questions?
Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of placing your order and its management.

Our Valued Customers Say:

Press Release Writing and Publishing
Rated 5 / 5 based on 13 reviews.
analysa @ 02:36:
Se trata de backlinks dentro de contenido web publicado en medios de prensa digital. Me parece buena idea para variar
latamva @ 09:39:
Buenos backlinks sitios importantes a nivel de medios de prensa
latamva @ 15:10:
Muy buen servicio
seo4u @ 16:11:
Muy buen trabajo sitios de gran reputacion contenido de calidad, espero me ayude mucho a rankear mas keywords
betatester @ 07:37:
No habia probado esta estrategia luce bastante interesante ... la recomiendo
daicer123 @ 01:39:
buen trabajo, gracias
edalll @ 23:41:
Excelente trabajo.
edalll @ 19:15:
excelente trabajo
mirnadiaz2016 @ 07:54:
Sobrepasron mis expectativas con esta estrategia de verdad. Luego de recibir reporte de envío de comunicados, pude ver que habían 29 revistas y periódicos que publicaron la nota.
MarcoBuontempo @ 13:03:
Sabiendo lo difícil que es hacer outreach para publicar en sitios de peso, no tenía idea de ké esperar. Estoy complacido con los resultados y por los consejos brindados para implementar en mis otros proyectos. Un saludo
KMCfree @ 10:30:
Excelente servicio, esta vez fue para un cliente en un nicho igual al mío. Todo salio muy bien, los tendré en cuenta!
rahul23 @ 16:07:
esto es justo lo que buscaba implementar muchas gracias.
gomesampaiobr @ 19:15:
¡De los mejores servicios que tienen muchachos! Siempre a tiempo y los resultados son increíbles

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