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Buy Premium Article from 500 to 700 Words

Art�culo Premium de 500 a 700 Palabras
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Get more benefits with our PREMIUM writing service. We create articles according to your specifications, we provide you with PROFESSIONAL translation of each article into English. BONUS: SPINTAX Basic** of both articles so you can generate versions via spinning and publish on other websites.
  • Up to 500 to 700 Words per article
  • Free or Optimized Style (SEO)
  • You can give us 1 Topic, 1-3 Keywords and Special Indications
  • Density between 2-3% for 1 or 3 keywords
  • Revision of each article in Copyscape to guarantee originality before giving it to you
  • We give you original article in Spanish
  • We give you English translation
  • BONO: We do positioning work for the content created here and published on your website

EXTRA: Impulse in Metrics and Rankings for your Posts

Once you publish the content that we have written for you, you send us the URL of the post and we will carry out a FREE SEO work with which will improve your metrics and rankings in 30 days.

It is better for you to send it to write with us, since what you publish we position for you and we make it more relevant for Google. Obtaining the additional benefit of improving the global metrics of your domain.

Instead of writing yourself and having each post become one more internal page in the pile, irrelevant and without rankings in Google searches. Here each post published gains weight in metrics and positions in search results.

You earn more!

Shall we begin? Choose your writing plan here!
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Premium Article from 500 to 700 Words
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