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Plan para aumentar Domain Authority y Page Authority de MOZ
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How to increase the authority of your domain and the authority of the main website and its internal pages with MOZ metrics. Anyone who sets an ambitious goal like this, is doing the best quality SEO in order to upload rankings in Google and upload positions in all search engines.

How to Increase your Domain Authority

MOZ is a backlink tracking service to analyze the quality and authority of a website, the most important metrics offered by this platform to establish that your site is relevant in your industry are:

Domain Authority: On a scale from 0 to 100 is the score that measures how well a domain does in searches. The higher this score indicates that the site has more ability to rank.

Page Authority: On a scale of 0 to 100 this score measures how well any internal page on your site ranks in search engines. The higher the score, the more each page is able to rank in search engines.

How to Scale Positions in Google

Improving Google rankings and improving your search engine rankings is a daily job, every week, every month, all the time creating quality backlinks. Our plan is aimed at that purpose and thus improve the metrics of your domain (Domain Authority [DA]) and your home pages and other internal pages (Page Authority [PA]).

MOZ Domain Authority and Page Authority Improvement Plan

Already several times our clients asked us if we could do any work that would allow us to achieve specific scores in MOZ metrics. It is now that we have finally developed a methodical strategy to achieve specific scores at the Domain Authority and Page Authority levels.

This is a challenge and we love it! It is worth noting that it is not an easy thing to achieve, it requires a lot of planning and thorough execution of the strategy to reach the desired score, this can take between 60 to 120 days to consolidate results in MOZ metrics, depending on the desired score.

This is the First Service of its kind on the Internet that offers to achieve a specific MOZ score!

Please note that achieving a goal in metrics above 50 points is more difficult than a lower score. If achieving it at the Page Authority level is already a challenge, see how challenging it is to achieve it at the Domain Authority level! That?s why the higher the score, the longer it takes.

Now all you have to do is choose the plan with the score you want to achieve from either the Domain Authority or the Page Authority, or both!

For this task we generally occupy:
  • 1 URL
  • Primary keyword
  • Secondary keywords (e.g. name of your company/product/service/domain, longtail keywords)

So all that?s left is to ask you...

Are you ready to choose your Plan to Increase your MOZ Score and improve Google positioning as well as achieve better positions in other search engines?

We knew you would!

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Increase Domain Authority to 10+

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Increase Domain Authority to 20+

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Increase Domain Authority to 20+

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