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Buy Creation of PBN Sites and Private Blogs Networks

Creaci�n de Sitios PBN y Redes Privadas de Blogs
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Take control of your own private network of authority sites with which to position your website at the top of Google�s search results. This is the most reliable solution for having permanent links.

This is the way to Fastest Rank
[h2]Stable and Totally Under Your Control

And the best thing is that we do everything for you.
Every step until you´re in control
From your new Authority Web Site
With excellent metrics and background

What We Do For You

  • The job is to look for expired websites with excellent metrics and good link history.
  • We register the sites to create your network and then host each one on a different server with different IP.
  • From there, we do a WordPress installation with unique features for each site and we proceed to publish your content (text, images, videos) that you provide.
    • Complete detailed report with all login details to Domain, Hosting and WordPress admin panels.

    Web Hosting Features for PBN

    • The plan includes hosting for the 1st. year, 60 per year or $5 per month after
    • 10 gigas of bandwidth / 1 gigabyte of hard disk
    • unique IP
    • Different server names
    • Independent panel access for each site in your network

    Select Domains for your PBN

    • Excellent Metrics DA / CF / TF over 15+
    • Excellent History
    • Excellent Age - up to 15 years old
    • Profile Links to various domains linking
    • WHOIS with various information for protection
    • Background check and backlinks
    • Random selection of TLDs available for the above mentioned characteristics*.com, .net, .org, .es, etc.)
    * NOTE: If you want us to investigate a particular TLD or metrics greater than 20+, or another feature of your interest, then contact first to quote before hiring.

    Hands Free Service

    If you have already read extensively on this subject of PBN SEO, you are already aware of all the advantages of having control of your positioning by owning networked blogs or your own authoritative websites with excellent metrics and background.

    The process of searching, evaluating options, registering, hosting, designing, configuring and creating content until finally linking to your target website requires multiple steps, time and money.

    You save all this by leaving in our hands all this process that we have already systematized for your benefit, limiting yourself only to receive in your email the details of your new authority website that passes to your exclusive control.

    PBN sites can be used to improve the ranking of your main website, you can also see it as a business opportunity, by offering blog marketing and guest blogging services by creating your network of private sites oriented to specific niches or general use.

    Believe us, you won´t find such a complete, hands-free service that allows you to catapult your rankings into search results with permanent links that you can control yourself.

    Hurry up, take advantage, save creating many sites
    and start creating your Network of Authority Sites

    Got Questions?
    Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
    Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of placing your order and its management.

    Make Your Choice:


    1 PBN Site

    Valid until 1 de Dic, save 50%


    Price: US$110.20
    Expected delivery: 7 days
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    1 PBN Site

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    3 PBN Sites

    Valid until 1 de Dic, save 50%


    Price: US$336.90
    Expected delivery: 7 days
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    3 PBN Sites

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    5 PBN Sites

    Valid until 1 de Dic, save 50%


    Price: US$497.50
    Expected delivery: 7 days
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    5 PBN Sites

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    10 PBN Sites

    Valid until 1 de Dic, save 50%


    Price: US$932.20
    Expected delivery: 10 days
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    10 PBN Sites

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