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Buy Backlinks in Private Networks Blogs (PBN)

Backlinks en Redes Privadas de Blogs (PBN)
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The backlinks in Private Blog Networks are a powerful useful strategy to position you to take advantage of the prestige and good metrics that have achieved these websites where your link will be published. Getting links from a PBN can boost the positions of any website.

This is the perfect strategy for our frequent clients who already know the quality of our services and are looking to diversify their link profile by incorporating this plan into their SEO arsenal.

Gradual link publication, on sites with different IPs each, each hosted by different hosting providers and with different WHOIS data. You don´t have to worry about giving us the content, because we create the content for you relevant and attractive. We make use of sites in English - mostly - of general niche, your keywords can go in Spanish, English or any other language, regardless of whether the content is published in English, the same strategy is effective to get the "link juice" to these sites with better metrics and better valued by search engines.

Each site within the Private Blogs Network (PBN) has a different design (template) and no one of these sites is linked to each other. The DA goes from 15 onwards. We offer basic to more advanced plans differentiated by their metrics, domains of reference, time of permanence of your post in the home page and how they are specialized in one topic or industry.

A PBN link differs from a GuestPost in that the post within a PBN can be displayed in its entirety published along with your link on the home page and remain there for several weeks up to 2 months, you can contact us if you want to hire extra service to make your post sticky or permanent on the home page for more months!

We Create Your Strategy: We Offer Only ADVANTAGES

Your link will appear for some time on the main page of the website and then move on to the internal pages where it will remain permanently active.

Excellent metrics on each site [b]Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow

All links are dofollow.

Whether you frequently contract this service, each time we use a different set of sites at the same time, this is special for those who have a long-term strategy of investing in creating backlinks for the same website. If you liked the selection of sites of some previous order and you want to apply it for another project, you can gladly tell us at the time of sending us the data of your project after hiring.

Choose your Plan for More Advantages

We offer three different plans, which offer exceptional advantages, you can leave it to us to develop your strategy, or you can open yourself to new possibilities to do it to your liking.

BASIC Plan: we develop the most convenient strategy for your project.

GOLD Plan: all the BASIC advantages and you can also choose where to publish your links.

PREMIUM Plan: all the GOLD advantages and we also present you sites with topics relevant to your industry.
For example: health, marketing, tourism, trade, etc.

For this work we generally request:

  • 1 URL
  • 1 to 5 Keywords
  • Optional: 1 article of 500 words (accepted in spintax format)
  • Optional: send links of images and videos to insert
How to Contract:

Choose from the plans below, in this case, higher value packages mean more backlinks and higher quality (metrics, reference domains, home page time). With each order we make a selection that keeps a varied relationship between quantity and quality, so you will always receive something different with each order. We have a wide range of sites. Generally, we publish one link per domain per site, to maintain the integrity and quality of the PBN.

* Contact us if you have a large project for one or more sites and want to hire this strategy frequently, so you can save more.

* Adult sites, bets, medications must first contact before hiring.
Got Questions?
Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of placing your order and its management.

Make Your Choice:


Basic Pack

DA 10+
Expected delivery 7 days
10 Posts
  • *10 Different Sites
  • *General topic sites
  • *We write the posts
  • * You can order up to 20 units = 200 posts
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Gold Pack

DA 15+
Expected delivery 10 days
10 Posts
  • *You pick the sites
  • *10 Different Sites
  • *General topic sites
  • *We write the posts
  • * You can order up to 20 units = 200 posts
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Premium Pack

DA 20+
Expected delivery 10 days
10 Posts
  • You pick the sites
  • *10 Different Sites
  • *Niche related sites
  • *We write the posts
  • * You can order up to 20 units = 200 posts
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Our Valued Customers Say:

Backlinks in Private Networks Blogs (PBN)
Rated 5 / 5 based on 4 reviews.
bandbcuba @ 13:20:
Excelente, los textos muy bien escritos y los sitios bien limpios. Me ha gustado.
paulojeda87 @ 17:44:
Buen trabajo, artículos originales y de calidad para cada enlace.
DonBandera @ 18:21:
Estoy muy agradecido con vuestro trabajo. Seguiré contratando vuestros servicios. Buen trabajo y puntualidad.
antonioluis @ 11:48:
Los enlaces se han creado en páginas según lo solicitado.

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