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Buy Creation of Web Content for the whole Year in Spanish

Creaci�n de Contenido Web para todo el A�o en Espa�ol
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We create articles to keep your site alive so that Google and company take you into account, better positions and increase your web traffic. Search engines love websites that give them what they need: Content

It´s a proven fact, an active site that publishes content is favored more by search engines. There is a directly proportional relationship between the publication of content and the improvement in all aspects (metrics, traffic, search engine positioning, backlinks and rankings).

The more articles you publish weekly, the more traffic you will receive, the more visible your content will be indexed in searches; the more natural backlinks you will be able to receive; you will improve your metrics such as Domain Authority, Trustflow; it will improve your positions in front of other sites in Alexa and Compete.

Many believe that having a few web pages or publications is all they need and that the rest will be up to the backlinks to work the magic. Error. Creating content is the fundamental basis. Search engines are dedicated to crawling content, if you give them content every day, they will take you into account. The sites that are best positioned are those that create content. If you get stuck, you get behind, you get left out.

Be noticed, here we have the solution to make the creation of generic content for your website a hands-free activity, without hours sitting in front of the computer researching the topics on which to develop your posts. Let our team of expert editors take care of your topics.

We offer you basic article writing packages, i.e. in freestyle without optimization for keywords. These are articles aimed at letting search engines know that you are active with your website, that you are providing interesting content every week.

Plans To Cover The Entire Year

The dynamic is simple, choose the plan you want and send your list with the topic to address in each article, as well as links to some reference material.

Accompany this strategy month by month, creating enriched and optimized epic content for your keywords with post from 1,000 to 2,000 words:

Create optimized content of 1,000 words
Create optimized content of 2,000 words

How to satisfy Google, Yahoo, Bing

All a wise decision from today, do not be left behind by pure idleness or believing that what you have is enough and backlinks will do the rest for your website, that is not so. Search engines are there to take into account the sites that produce what they need: CONTENT. From your website, search engines need your content more than your backlinks. It´s time for you to finally realize this elementary aspect that you´ve been neglecting for a long time. Dedicate yourself to satisfy the needs of your customers and main allies on the web (Google, Yahoo, Bing) giving them content every week, look at our plans to follow today ...
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