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Servicios Integrales de Programaci�n y Desarrollo Web
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Web development and programming services PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JSON, Ajax, Bootstrap. We make any project you have a reality and give solution to any problem that needs to be fixed on your website. We have more than 10 years of experience, which means better delivery times and knowledge of how to shape your ideas and solve any situation.
We are web developers, we have created several sites and we have worked on every kind of website from commercial platforms, social networks, auction sites, in short, we have vast experience and always up to date with the practices and hacks to solve all kinds of needs you have for your projects on the web.

We are here for you to give you:
  • Web development from scratch
  • Virtual store or e-commerce project
  • Application in PHP
  • CRM application development
  • API
  • Development with responsive web design
  • Even creation of indicators and robots for FX (FOREX)
We create website projects from scratch or create new functionalities for your current site, independently of the framework or CMS that you occupy or solution to the measure that they have developed for you previously.

We do all kinds of work from the installation and configuration of any script, to the creation of new plugins, add-ons, custom modules to work as you want.

We fix any problem or bug you have at PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, CodeIgniter, Boostrap, mySQL, Postgresql code level, so if you are not able to solve it on your own, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to integrate an API to your website, we make that integration to your online platform a reality. E.g. Paypal, Stripe, Wepay, YouTube, Mailchimp, SendGrid, BestBuy, etc.

You only have to imagine it, we make it happen!

We can help you to create your web portal that will use integrated data from JSON files, we can help you to extend the functionality of your site integrating with other applications.

We are here to create a strong relationship with you so that we can work together on many projects for many years to come.

Whatever your project is, you can contact us first to describe all the details of what you want to be programmed or resolved and we will gladly give you a quote and delivery time.

We can schedule according to your budget, our rate is US$25 per hour, when an order requires many hours, we can make discounts and special prices.

Again, contact us first before ordering.

We are ready to serve you and make your projects a reality!
Got Questions?
Chat for support thru Telegram @CheradaSupport
Let us accompany you in real time throughout the process of placing your order and its management.

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