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Buy Improved Speed and Performance for your Website

Mejora de Velocidad y Rendimiento de tu Página Web
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We improve the loading speed of your website that you want to position in search engines to receive traffic and visits.

Can the loading speed of your website impact your sales? Even if your site is not loading so slowly, can you improve its speed? How does this factor affect your ranking in Google and other search engines?

How web page load speed affects Google positioning

Extensive research has been done on this subject and it has been determined that on average users expect a website to load in 2 seconds, a second or more that is late is already reason to leave the website. In today?s fast-paced world, seeing this aspect as anything can cost you dearly...

Website load speed optimization

What do we do to improve the loading speed of your website?

We improve considerably the aspects mentioned in the Google speed test for your website, all this without losing the quality of your design and functionality of the elements HTML, Javascript, CSS, images, PHP. We put at your disposal our accumulated experience of years in the design and programming of websites from scratch. We also have extensive experience in CMS content management platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, among others.

Below is a list of options to address as the case may be:

  • Improvement in the caching of elements of your page
  • Minimization of javascript
  • GZip Compression
  • Configuration of Tags
  • Optimization of Images
  • Add CloudFlare
We deliver a detailed report of Before and After how the speed of your page was at the beginning and how it looks at the end.

Remember, having a website is not just a matter of installing Wordpress or another CMS with a nice theme, some plugins and you?re done! You have to keep in mind crucial aspects such as the speed that not only are valued by your visitors, Google already takes it into account as a factor to place your website in the search results.

We will optimize your site to get an excellent score in [b]Google PageSpeed
, which will be reflected as a good score in other popular tools to measure the speed of your website.

Count on us. Whether you are eager to make changes to your site or have your plugins or CMS up to date with the latest update. We have special discounts for frequent customers of this service, so that your website always gets the highest score of Google PageSpeed!

Generally for this work we request:
  • 1 URL of the web page for which you need to improve the speed
  • FTP access details and administration panel or Dashboard



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Contact us if you want a budget for any special request for modifications to be made or to achieve a high score according to a tool other than Google PageSpeed.
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Improved Speed and Performance for your Website
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