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Finding quality niche blogs where to publish your links is a job in itself. We take the weight off your shoulders and look for blogs for backlinks and build greater authority for your website.

We have the Contacts

This is reality! When you want to include in your SEO strategy the publication of content on sites or blogs in your same niche or industry, you have to start a whole search, filter candidate sites, study the metrics of the sites you are interested in and cross your fingers waiting to be answered with some reasonable offer for the current features of that site.

These contacts are not made overnight, it´s something that requires social skills, having something in return to offer for rebates, as well as patience and perseverance. Sometimes it happens that you have already established a contact, you agree with the owner of the site on the publication of a post for you, days go by and nothing happens! So? To prospect again another similar candidate site.

With our service you don´t have to spend time unsuccessfully trying to make these contacts again and again just wait for the posts to be published! We already did the heavy part and we still take care of looking for more options - based on your initial preferences - when for whatever reason a contact cannot attend a request. So, with our help, you save yourself this part of prospecting. We manage everything for you!

We take care of writing the content

Another important time saving feature is that we write the content for the site where your link is going to be published. We have a team of enthusiastic and motivated writers who love to write, so you can be sure to get an enjoyable publication that pleases readers, where your SEO links can be placed with your keywords and without major objections.

We publish only links within the Post

That´s right, this isn´t the typical link you see in article directories that goes in the "About the Author" or "Biography" section, nothing like that! Your link is published within the post, so you get a powerful boost for your positioning strategy, as the backlink looks like a vote or recommendation in the most natural way within the content itself that is published.

We do all the work and you get all the credit

If you are from an SEO agency or work independently to get links for your clients, we become your team behind the scenes doing all the magic for you and you receive a detailed report that you can repurpose for delivering to your clients.

Discount Plans

There are 2 ways to save:

1) Automatic discounts: Different levels according to the historical sum of all purchases on your account, these discounts apply equally to all items listed here, valid for purchases from one post on. Save up to 15% instantly if your purchase history totals us$1,000

2) Managed Campaigns: If you are planning to invest US$200 or more, you should contact us to manage your order and apply for higher discounts as detailed below. Just contact us to send the domain names of the sites you are interested in.

With a managed campaign, depending on the amount of the purchase accumulated during the month of this service, we will apply the following discounts so that instead of buying a single publication in the whole month, hire a batch with several publications, save intelligently and have better margins if you are into reselling SEO services:
  • 5% discount on accumulated purchases from us$200 to us$499 in 1 month
  • 10% discount on accumulated purchases from us$500 to us$999 in 1 month
  • 15% discount on accumulated purchases from us$1,000 to us$2,999 in 1 month
  • 20% discount on accumulated purchases of us$3,000 or more in 1 month

This means that if at the beginning of the month the guest posts you want to buy, at normal price total us$300, when we apply 5% you get them for us$285. And, if during that month the following guest posts that you add total at normal prices us$200, 10% will be applied so you buy these last posts for us$180. This is so because in the whole month you hired guest posts that at a normal prices total $500. See how we help you? The best thing, of course, is that from the beginning you have budgeted for us$500, so once and for all you would have saved 10%!

How to buy?

You have 2 options:
  • Choose below the budget to publish 1 post in a site with the Domain Authority (DA) you want
  • Contact us to budget several posts and save with the discount plans detailed above


If the automatic discounts applied according to your historical amount of general purchases were not enough, hiring this service comes with UNBEATABLE bonuses that we describe below:

Convenience Bonus

It´s like the title says, "it´s in your best interest" to hire your publications with us because we increase the authority of the new content boosting its authority metrics such as Trust Flow or URL rating, you can choose ONE of the 2 bonuses and indicate at the time of sending your data which bonus you want among the following options:

Loyalty Bonus

Continue and continue hiring your publications here and access the NEXT LEVEL of PREMIUM Bonuses, which works according to the historical sum of purchases made from this service, since every time you add US$500.00, you can choose ONE of the following authority bonuses:

  • Increase Domain Authority to DA 50+ ( see value )
  • Increase Domain Rating to DR 40+ ( see value )
  • Increase Domain Trust Flow to TF 20+ ( see value )

With all this you have more than enough to add value to every new publication you hire to boost your rankings and besides, if you are in the business of selling SEO services, you now have something to impress your clients with these amazing authority BOOSTS verifiable on Majestic, MOZ, Ahrefs sites with which you can prove that you are the best service provider for your clientele!

As they say out there, "He who knows has fun" and we hope that happens with you now that you are valuing the QUALITY of our UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE offer in the whole web space in positioning and digital marketig.... may you enjoy better rankings and more authority for your websites or your clients´ sites!

* NOTE: Sites for adults, bets and medications should contact before hiring.
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Guest Posts in US/UK/AU websites
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seo4u @ 17:08:
Me parecio muy bueno, de acuerdo a lo convenido ... gracias
osmincin @ 07:08:
Facil y rapido. Un proceso sencillo. Un resultado impecable
ritchievalens @ 00:47:
seguiré comprando con ustedes agradezco las sugerencias que me dieron
englishman @ 06:39:
formidable post chavos creo que voy a darle un tiempo con estos enlaces ;) me avisan cuando este la otra orden que les encargué ok..
der34 @ 22:59:
bonita la publicacion que se mandaron me gustó y seguro que va a llamar la atencion
gomesampaiobr @ 20:02:
el sitio con buenas méticas buen guestpost buen ángulo desde el que abordaron el tema.. todo bueno
betatester @ 18:09:
ya llevo varios trabajos con uds, no me quejo, todo esta bien graciaas
susierodriguez @ 13:47:
Como siempre muy contento con los trabajos que me hacen chicos, voy a seguir con este servicio. Gracias
wilbert @ 14:02:
Todo correcto. Los tengo muy presentes en mis planes

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