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Optimizaci�n Interna TOTAL de tu P�gina Web
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We repair, adjust and optimize the performance of your website for search engines and improve the experience for your visitors.

Using our skills up to date trends for website design and programming, we improve the performance of your website according to current search engine optimization standards to provide an adequate experience to your organic visitors who find you on the results pages.

There are 3 different activities in one plan:
  1. Improve the speed of your website
  2. Optimize your website for your keywords
  3. Detection and Cleanup of Malware, Viruses and Malicious Code

This is an important task for any informative and commercial site that aims to reach a wide audience to which to provide a satisfactory experience, especially if countless pages depend on the optimization of key files such as JS, CSS, as well as other shared resources that allow pages to load quickly and without delay.

The service is available to increase your traffic by implementing performance analysis of the elements that make your content available to the end user. After the detection of errors to be corrected, we proceed to improve as many aspects as possible according to the configuration of your website either a CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.) or custom web development made from scratch.

Among some activities to do but not limited to this, are:
  1. Improve Web Site Speed
  • Improve page caching
  • Minimize JS files and CSS
  • Optimize Images
  • Improve GZip
  • understanding among other activities resulting from the analysis of the web page.
  1. Optimize Page for Keyword
  • Fix navigability problems
  • Fix canonical URLs
  • Robot Creation.txt
  • Creation of Sitemap
  • Optimization of Content
  • Density of Keywords
  • Optimization of Meta Tags
  • Optimization of Headers
  • Among other activities revealed by the SEO analysis of the web page
  1. Detection and Cleaning of Malware, Virus and Malicious Code
  • Detection of all types of malicious code via iframes, javascript, base64, among others
  • Cleaning of all types of malicious code
[b]For this kind of work we generally request:

  • FTP/Cpanel access to your website
  • 1 Keyword
At the end we deliver a detailed report of the activities carried out on your website. You can hire this service as many times as you want to optimize the rest of the relevant pages of your website for your keywords. Ask us if you want to optimize multiple pages of your website or all pages for your keywords and improve performance.
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