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Reviews, Rese�as, Comentarios para tu Pagina de Facebook
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Give it the notoriety and prestige that your site deserves. Encourage potential customers to try and use your products or services. Make them familiar with your company.
Reviews are comments that serve as powerful witnesses that the products or services of your company or your individual are valuable to many people who have come into contact with your offer. we offer the service of publishing reviews that you can send us the list of comments to publish and the number of stars with which they are published to give a more natural look to your Facebook page.

Two Types of Profiles

Standard Profile: We use Profiles with English names and you can send us your comments in any language, you can choose the genre of the profile and the number of stars per comment.

Personalized Profile: You can request profiles with names in the language you like, you specify the genre of each profile and you send us your comments in that language, indicating the number of stars per comment and the period of daily or weekly publication.

For this work we generally request:[ul]
  • URL of the facebook
  • List of comments to publish
  • [li](Optional): You can tell us how many stars any comment is if you want it to be less than 5.
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