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Get more traffic from your articles. If you publish articles online and still want more traffic, one of the best things you can do is convert them to video. We take any article and turn it into video with background music.

Reformatting your publications on your website or blog to distribute them in other media such as PDFs, Presentations and Videos is one of the ways of copying the web with your content and generate more options to get organic traffic to your site by having several channels to attract visitors.

We convert your articles to video, we rewrite your content in order to present it in an attractive format using multiple editing strategies in order to produce as soon as possible videos that can be distributed on various platforms to share audiovisual content such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, among others.

Also, by having your content rewritten by us, you can use this text as part of your description and upload the transcript to your video, to improve the chances that your video will be found in the SERPS for multiple terms.

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For this task we generally request:
  • Article from 100 to 300 words
  • Optional: Provide backgrounds, images, video footage, voiceover and background music
  • EXTRA: you can add VoiceOver (narration) to the video through Text-to-Speach, just choose the accent (Latin/European) of the voice you want, either male or female.

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Convert Article to Video
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alvaroull @ 22:17:
bastante ameno buena calidad
Mary1980 @ 09:07:
Un trabajo genial, mejor de lo esperado.
domincs @ 18:25:
Increible como pudieron sintetizar las ideas en imagenes
victoria @ 09:24:
gracias muchachos
markin @ 10:23:
Gracias por el bono!! eso me motiva a seguir contratando éste servicio. Por favor no le den vencimiento al bono para usarlo cuando lo necesite...igual contrataré mas videos...ok? gracias!!
LUISS2013 @ 23:11:
Buen trabajo, rápido y excelente vídeo, me gusta mucho. gracias
romeo2019 @ 15:17:

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