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Buy Comments for your Posts in Facebook

Comentarios para tu Publicaci�n dentro de Facebook
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We post comments for your posts within Facebook, whether it�s status updates, photos, posts, on your profile or fan page.

You only have to give us your list of comments that you want to be published. All the user profiles with which they are commented are verified by telephone, they have a photo. An ideal option to increase the notoriety of your publications within Facebook.

For this work we generally request:
  • List of comments according to the contracted amount
  • URL of your Facebook post
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Our Valued Customers Say:

Comments for your Posts in Facebook
Rated 5 / 5 based on 2 reviews.
felixroman @ 20:23:
Buen trabajo. Gracias.
felixroman @ 04:08:
Trabajo perfecto. Muy bien espaciados los comentarios. Gracias. Volveré a contratar.

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