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Buy Banner Advertising Impressions

Impresiones de Banners Publicitarios
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A rather eye-catching way to get qualified traffic to your website is through banner advertising.

When a visitor is attracted by your message and image from your banner it is more likely that they will click on your advertising. Therefore, your banner is displayed through our extensive network within the desired niche and the required country or geographical region, so that if someone looks interesting your banner will click if they want to know more about your offer.

NOTE: Depending on how eye-catching your banner is, it may affect the CTR, since our job is to provide impressions so that it is exposed to a wide audience, but it is up to the visitor to click or not, which in turn turns it into qualified traffic, only the interested party will click.

[b]Possible Banner Sizes:

  • 120x600 px
  • 160x600 px
  • 300x250 px
  • 468x60 px
  • 728x90 px
* Avoid visually offensive or malicious content

Countries and Geographical Areas:

South America, Australia, Canada, United States, England, Europe, Worldwide.

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Home and Family
  4. Internet and Marketing
  5. Legal
  6. Fashion
  7. Business and Finance
  8. Hobbies
  9. Health and Beauty
  10. Technology
  11. Travel
For this work we generally request:.
  • 1 URL of your website
  • 1 URL of your banner image or attach file
  • Geographical area
  • Niche

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